My Letter to Santa
Who Else Can I Ask for Help?
by Tony Bogyo
December 17, 2012

Dear Santa,

I know youíre a busy guy this time of year and you have a ton of mail to get through Ė almost all of it from children under 10. Iím hoping that because I am from a far less common demographic, men in their 40s, you might consider my letter in the interest of diversity.

Like the letters you received from my kids, Iím going to list several things I hope you can deliver Ė please bring as many as you can. It seems a bit selfish, I know, but Iím hoping this is just because as an adult Iím conditioned to give rather than request this holiday season. So I donít seem quite to selfish, Iíll at least try and explain my list.

I think Iíve been pretty good this year and I should by on the ďniceĒ list if so please bring me:

Anyway, thatís my list. You may be surprised that for this demographic I didnít ask for a sports car, boat or younger woman - Iím guessing you get a lot of that. I know Iíve asked for a lot Ė probably too much Ė my understanding is that you have excellent toy manufacturing facilities at your disposal as that is your core business, but Iím hoping you may have some ability to get things done in the NFL. Iím sorry you were booed by Philadelphia fans Ė let me be the first to say that they do NOT represent all of us fans. Thanks for doing what you do Ė Merry Christmas.