A Statement From Tony Bogyo
Why he can't write a column this week.
by Tony Bogyo
December 5, 2017

On Monday evening I sat down to write my weekly column for Bills Daily when a shocking event took place. As I sat at my computer desk writing another piece about the Bills losing to New England (OK – I’ll fess up – I was reviewing the past 30+ articles I have written on the topic and deciding which one I would re-run after changing the names), I was viciously attacked.

I’ll admit I was still pretty steamed about the Bills loss, and singled out Rob Gronkowski for his cheap shot against Tre’Davious White and I really kind of took him to task for just how childish and inexcusable his actions were. Well, I guess Gronk was also still kind of steamed about the whole thing and didn’t appreciate me criticizing him throughout much of my article, because he crashed through my bay window and full-out tackled me in my computer chair as I sat writing. I lay in the middle of my floor amongst the debris of what had formerly been a window, an office chair and a rather lovely Ikea computer desk until I was helped to my living room by the training staff.

It was obvious Gronk hit me after the whistle, after my critical sentence was over (replays show I had typed a period well before being hit). In addition, Gronk led with his head and I was clearly a defenseless writer.

Gronk later apologized and admitted he was frustrated by my continuing criticisms, and while that’s all well and good, the man is a Pro Bowl player who has to learn to control himself better and resist acting out in ways that are completely inexcusable and could cause serious injury.

Gronk has been suspended for a game effective immediately – I hope he learns he’s better than attacking writers like me. Children across the country look up to athletes like Gronk – it would be terrible to see them follow his lead and start leveling school librarians and cafeteria workers because they are asked to quiet down or don’t like sloppy joes.

As would be expected, I have entered concussion protocol and am currently listed as day to day by a team of medical professionals including an independent neurologist. I’m hoping to be able to write next week but I have to do what the doctors say and pass their evaluations before I will be granted permission to write another column – fingers crossed. To my readers I apologize for a lack of a column this week and ask that you keep me in your thoughts as I recover – thanks!