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Bills Take Six New Players In Draft

NFL Draft 2004 McFarland Can Help In Time:The Bills feel Seventh rounder Dylan McFarland can play guard or tackle, he will be a two position player in time. They do feel he will be better with added bulk and has great size potential but it will take time to get bigger and to adjust to the pro game.

McFarland Feels He Can Make The Jump: Seventh rounder Dylan McFarland is excited to be coming to Buffalo since his Aunt lives out there. He is excited about the weather in Buffalo since it's comparable to Montana. He has met Drew Bledsoe in Montana so he is familiar with him as he worked with Drew's parents. He came into Montana as a center but played left tackle most of his career in Montana. He said he knows it will be faster and stronger in the pros than division 1AA but he says he's a quick worker and learner and feels he will be able to make the jump to the pros.

Smith Likes Being A Returner: Seventh round pick Jonathan Smith likes to be called Freddie. He said he's excited about coming to Buffalo. He said he likes being a returner because it can be a great changing point of a game. He said he can return both kicks and punts and is up for anything to help the team.

Mularkey Feels Needs Were Filled: Coach Mularkey said he feels really good about how the draft went. He feels they filled needs that they had targeted over the last two days. He said he feels really good about this team and it is not a rebuilding program. He does feel a sense of urgency, but he always does. He said whoever deserves to start, will be the starter whether it's a rookie or a 10 year veteran. He said he's excited about TE Tim Euhus who has the physical traits needed. The staff's strength is teaching blocking techniques and they will have no problems teaching that to him. He has a lot of confidence in the defense and that is why they only took one player on that side of the ball. He felt defensive end wasn't a need that is why they went in another direction. He praised the one defensive player they did take, Tim Anderson, saying he sees Tim Krumrie in him and said that he has a chance to be very successful for a lot of years in this lead. With the seventh rounder, Jonathan Smith he said his return ability is what intrigued him as well as the possiblity of him playing the "slash" role. Smith can run, catch, and pass a little bit.

Bills Draft Well: Well, I feel the Bills did a great job in the draft. The entire quality of it hinges on the success of J.P. Losman but we won't know that for a few years. They had holes on the offensive side of the ball and filled them. The one defensive player they got seems to be a good blue collar working player. Check out our draft grade on our draft page then tell us what you think by taking our poll on the homepage!

Donahoe On Next Step: Just because the draft is over there is much more work that needs to be done. Tom Donahoe said that they will sit down and look at the college free agents out there as they continue to try and improve the roster going into the season. Donahoe said the honeymoon is long over and it is time to produce this season. He said the team is motivated to do better to catch the defending champion Patriots who also continue to improve.

Euhus Loves Opportunity: Fourth round selection Tim Euhus grew up a Bills fan, watching Jim Kelly and he said he watched Drew Bledsoe growing up as well. He said he got picked a little quicker than he anticipated but it was good news. He feels with the newly structured offense he will have a great opportunity in Buffalo.

Scouts Say Euhus Good Athlete: The scouts say fourth round pick Tim Euhus is a good, tall athlete and is a solid receiver with big, strong hands and good speed for his size. They feel he is a tenacious blocker as well and a good tough hard nose player, something the team is trying to get more of. He is flexible, as he played next to the tackle and the H-back position in college and may be able to do both for the Bills.

Bills Take Another Receiver: The Bills needed offensive help, and they got it on draft day. With their final selection of WR Jonathan Smith the team finished the draft with five new offensive players in six choices including four skill position players. Smith was a late bloomer at Georgia Tech and is very short for a receiver at 5'7" and weighs only 188 lbs. making it tough for him to break tackles. He does have good muscle development with good speed and change of direction ability. He was a running back in 2002 before moving to wide receiver. He projects more as a returner. He returned 15 kicks last year for a 16.7 yard average. Draft Page

Bills Add Tackle: With their first of two seventh round picks, the Bills to offensive tackle Dylan McFarland from Montana. He is 6'5" tall and has good size potential. Needs to add more bulk. He has long arms and is flexible, he can play anywhere on the offensive line. His upside if very good but since he played division 1AA ball in college, he may have trouble adjusting to the next level. He will be a project that may add depth to the line.

Bills Select Tight End: The Bills started day 2 of the NFL Draft by selecting Tim Euhus, a tight end from Oregon State. Euhus is considered a very good pass catching tight end and the Bills will likely try and work him in as a short range target in the passing game. Draft Page

Donahoe Feels Bills Tougher: Tom Donahoe said they are pleased with what the club was able to accomplish on day one of the draft. He feels the three new Bills help the team get mentally and physically tougher which is what they are aiming for. He said third round pick Tim Anderson always goes at 110mph and has great intangibles. He said it was the plan all along to get an impact player at #13 and then be aggressive in trading back up for the fourth quarterback since he expected the other three to be gone already. Donahoe expects the team to still look at hiring a veteran free agent QB.

Anderson Will Try To Earn Job: The Bills were impressed with third round pick Tim Anderson after he worked out with DL coach Tim Krumrie. Anderson called it the toughest workout he ever had, and he hopes he doesn't have to do it again. He said he is coming to Buffalo and will go out and perform at his best to try and earn a job. He said he's very excited about the opportunity in Buffalo.

Saturday April 24, 2004

Anderson Has Great Intensity: The Bills' scouts say Anderson has great traits. He does a lot of the little things, that people don't appreciate, well. He has good quickness, good ability to tie up blocks, not a flashy player but flexible enough to play nose guard and three technique. He is the type of player who you fall in love with his intensity and character, he is a blue collar hard working guy. He is expected to compete for a job and get some reps at defensive tackle this season. He should push the others on the depth chart to do a little better. He has good technique and pushes the pocket well.

Bills Add DT In Round 3: The Bills rounded out day one of the draft by selecting Ohio St. defensive tackle Tim Anderson. He fits the Mike Mularkey mold of tough football players. He is intense and very competitive with a great work ethic. He may be a solid pick as he is underrated by some. he is a solid tackler who can also get to the passer. Draft Page.

Losman Flattered: J.P. Losman said he is flattered that the Bills traded up to get him and it is an amazing feeling to be picked in the draft. He says he's a big fan of Drew Bledsoe and he is looking forward to meeting him and learning so many things from him. He said he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder being the fourth quarterback taking and has something to prove. He said he's willing to sit behind Bledsoe and learn the ropes for as long as the coach's say he needs to.

Clements Loves Losman's Mobility: Offensive coordinator Tom Clements said J.P. Losman has a great arm and mobility but they won't need to throw him into the fire since they have Drew Bledsoe for at least another year. He said there are some technique things to work on with Losman but they will groom him to be the future starter. He emphasized that his mobility is something that they really want in Buffalo.

Donahoe Tried Hard To Get Losman: Tom Donahoe called it an exciting day. He said the team was exploring ways to get back up in the first round to draft J.P. Losman since they chose Lee Evans at number 13. He called Losman a leader with a heck of an arm and a great athlete. He said he's got great arm strength and is a fiery competitor that the team coveted. He loved that about him, even though other teams were turned off by his personality. They knew they needed a speedy receiver and a future QB and they got that. Donahe felt fortunate to get the trade done with Dallas and get a guy like J.P. He emphasized that Drew Bledsoe is the Bills QB but he won't play forever. He said he'd like someone to step in when Bledoe's playing days are over. He didn't think it was a steep price to pay to get Losman, he hopes next year's number one will be a very low pick.

Bledose Deal Still Possible: Tom Donahoe does not want people to read into the trade up for J.P. Losman as a signal of the end for Drew Bledsoe. He said the team is still trying to get a new re-negotiated deal done with Bledsoe and will work towards that. We reported earlier that ESPN said that the Bills tried to get a deal done with Bledsoe before the draft but could not come to an agreement.

Evans Thrilled To Join Bills: Lee Evans said it was his goal after his injury to come back and be as effective as he was before his injury and he feels great to be drafted by the Buffalo Bills. He said he got stronger from week to week and he was able to get into the rythym later in the year. He said he's absolutely thrilled and said he had a great visit with Coach Mularkey and Tom Clements when he came to Buffalo. He knew the club was very interested and is happy to become to Buffalo. He says his goal is to come in and learn as much as he can from Eric Moulds and Josh Reed. He said he doesn't worry about starting he just wants to help the club anyway he can. Draft Page.

Bills Trade Up: The Bills sent their second round pick, fifth round pick, and next year's number one pick to Dallas to move back up into the first round and take Tulane QB J.P. Losman with the 22nd pick in the draft. It was a heavy price to pay but Losman becomes the QB of the future.

Bledsoe Deal Not Done: Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Bills tried to get Drew Bledsoe to agree to a contract restructure before the draft but when that didn't happen they went after the QB. Bledsoe is do a $7 Million cap hit next year if he's on the roster. It will cost them $2 Million to buy him out in November and make him a free agent next year. That may be the case now that they paid a high price to bring Losman in.

Mularkey Feels Evans Will Help: He feels Lee Evans has great hands and will help the team in all phases of the game. He thinks Evans will make it tough for teams to double their receivers. Mularkey said he plans some four receiver sets and that Evans will be in there with a chance to help the team contribute. He calls him a rare kind of receiver who also has great blocking skills, that was intriguing as well.

Donahoe Feels Evans Is Complete: Tom Donahoe says he thinks Lee Evans is a fast guy who can catch the ball, making it a nice combination to have. He called him a complete player. They felt that Evans was on the top of the list of available players at the point he was taken. He doesn't expect Evans to be forced into coming in and starting but he will be able to contribute quickly. He said he did have conversations with other team regarding the pick but stayed where he was.

Bills Take Evans: The Bills used the 13th pick in the NFL draft to select WR Lee Evans from Wisconsin. Evans is the burner that the Bills needed in the passing game. He is of the Peerless Price mold and should help Drew Bledsoe open up the vertical passing game. All three top QBs were off the board, the last going to Pittsburgh at number 11. There were some top flight defensive ends and tackles on the board but the Bills went with the biggest need position. Draft Page.

Friday April 23, 2004

Bogyo's Take: Tony Bogyo puts in his 2 cents worth as the draft approaches tomorrow. He feels the team may go for a defensive end but a trade up is definitely a possiblity. Complete Story.

Draft History: The Bills had some interesting drafts in the 80s. Bills "historian" Bob Lamb takes a look back at the wily and wooly days of the 80s. Complete Story.

Thursday April 22, 2004

Camp Opening Date Set: As everyone waits for this weekend's draft, the Bills are already thinking ahead. They have announced that training camp will begin on July 31st. It is a bit later this year as the season doesn't start until later than usual.

Brown Signs Tender: Travis Brown officially remains a Bill. He bacame the last exclusive rights free agent to sign his tender offer. He will make $380,000 this season if he makes the team. He is currently second on the depth chart but that stands to change. The team may draft a quarterback early this weekend and then sign a veteran free agent. That would make it real tough for Brown to make the team.

Innuendos Continue: Draft week is the biggest week for top executives around the NFL to lie, and to deceive other executives in the ultimate cat and mouse game. Nobody wants to tip their hand that is why when Tom Donahoe met with the media a couple of weeks back he wouldn't let on who the Bills like so other teams wouldn't have a chance to jump ahead of the Bills to select the players they covet. Anything you hear this week is pure conjecture. The team is supposedly interested in QB Phillip Rivers, and numerous wide receivers including Wisconsin's Lee Evans with the 13th pick in the draft.

Wednesday April 21, 2004

Bills Site To Re-Launch: The Bills will re-launch their newly designed official website tomorrow in conjunction with draft weekend. Tom Donahoe said the team is excited about the newly designed site and this is the perfect time to do it with the hype about the upcoming draft. The site is expected to have vastly improved content, design, functionality, and exclusive contests.

Tuesday April 20, 2004

Bills May Look To Move On Draft Day: Everyone is speculating on what will happen on draft day but nobody really knows. We get into the mix with our preview of the draft. We feel the Bills may move up to get Phillip Rivers or, if that fails, may move down to get extra picks with a glut of talent at their need positions this is a real possibility. Preview Article.

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