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Bills Add Six Players Through Draft

Mularkey On Draft: Coach Mularkey said they will look at the left tackle position and will look at Jason Peters, Mike Gandy, and Trey Teague at the position at first and go from there. He likes what he sees from fourth round pick, Raymond Preston. Mularkey feels the defense got better in the draft because the offense has gotten better, which keeps the defense off the field. The guys picked have some skills that will be very helpful to the team. He feels Roscoe Parrish and Kevin Everett have some special skills that will need to be developed. Mularkey feels all the players that they drafted will be able to compete for playing time. He foresees Parrish being the punt returner for the team this year. On Travis Henry, Mularkey feels a trade is still the best scenario but if it doesn't happen he will be back and be ready to play when needed. He called a trade possibility slimmer now that the draft is over.

Donahoe On Draft: Tom Donahoe said they got players that they like and now they have to see how they fit in. It starts when they hit the field next weekend during the mini-camp. They said at the end of the year that they need to get better on offense and that is what they have done through free agency and this weekend's draft. They feel like they are headed to becoming a more effective offense. Donahoe shot back at reports that the Bills were being greedy in what they wanted for Travis Henry, saying if not being offered anything is greedy than they were greedy. Time will tell on what picks end up being "homeruns" or "grand slams". He said the key to the draft is drafting smart guys especially on the offensive line and he feels they did that with the two linemen picked in the draft.

Bannan Moving Back To Defense: Based on the fact that they drafted two offensive linemen and didn't draft any defensive linemen, Tom Donahoe said that the team will likely move Justin Bannan back to the defensive line. He has a better chance of competing for a job at his natural position where the numbers are more favorable for him. Coach Mularkey said the ability to move Bannan back to defense helped them pick an offensive lineman instead of reaching for a defensive tackle.

Gates Pick Wraps Up Draft: The Bills completely their second draft in a row in which they chose five offensive players and one defensive player. Lionel Gates was the last pick of the draft for the Bills. He was taken in the 7th round and is a running back from Louisville. He has the skills of a starter but shared time in college with 2nd round draft choice Eric Shelton among others. His best year in college was 2003 when he ran for 817 yards and added 368 yards receiving. Last year he was slowed by injuries and finished with 373 yards rushing and returned six kickoffs. He has quality size and is tough with good upper body development. Lacks true strength. More of a finesse back then a punisher. Draft Capsules.

Bills Had Inside Track On Geisinger: Justin Geisinger played for the nephew of scout Joe Herring in high school so he has been following his career for a long time. He calls Geisinger smart and tough as he had a 4.0 GPA and has already graduated. He played tackle in college but the Bills project him as a guard or a combo player at both positions. He is the kind of person they like to build the offensive line around, smart and tough. He started three years at left tackle in Vanderbilt and only allowed less than a handful of sacks. The Bills feel he can actually backup all three line positions in a pinch because of his intelligence. He anchors real well which makes him a better fit for guard. He needs to learn how to work better in space.

Geisinger Ready To Play Guard: Justin Geisinger knew the Bills were high on him because of his connection with scout Joe Herring he told the media in his conference call. He said he's proud to be a Bill and is ready to get going. He feels he has no problem making the move to guard after playing tackle in college. He feels he's built better for guard and played the position in two post season all star games. He is very smart as he was pre-med at Vanderbilt which will help with the professional blocking schemes. He said it will be great playing for the best offensive line coach in the NFL in Jim McNally. He calls himself a physical, aggressive player who is tenacious which he feels is a perfect fit for Buffalo.

Geisinger Consistent: If the Bills get nearly as much production out of this Vanderbilt lineman as they did from another former Commodore lineman they will be very happy. Justin Geisinger is considered the best Vanderbilt offensive line product since Will Wolford. He is considered very consistent with a massive frame. He is 6'3" and weights 322 lbs. His downfall is that he is slow of foot which may cost him in the pulling scheme. Has good balance in pass protection and has good ability in the ground game. Has played tackle in college but projects as a guard in the pros. Draft Capsules.

King Blessed: Eric King told the media it was a great feeling to have his name called on draft day. He said he's blessed to be coming to Buffalo. He feels he has played against some top notch receivers in college and that will help him in the pros. He works to prove all the naysayers wrong who question his size. He will work to be all the player he could be. He says he has a chip on his shoulder and will try to get better each and every day. He patterns himself after former Bills Antoine Winfield.

King Is A Leader: The Bills liked the fact that Eric King was a leader in college along with being a four year starter. He made a lot of plays despite his height concerns thanks to a good burst and jumping ability. He's a willing tackler who will throw his body around. He is more of a cover corner who has been productive in big games at the college level. He was a good value at the position at this round. The team was looking for a defensive back at this time. He got high marks from his coaches at Wake Forest. As a second day pick, they don't expect him to challenge for a starting job as a rookie. They expect him to contribute as a cover guy on special teams.

Bills Go For Defense: The Bills finally hit the defensive side of the ball in round five by drafting Wake Forest cornerback Eric King. He has been a starter for almost his entire college career. He is small, going just 5'8" and weighing only 189 lbs. The downside is he doesn't have much room to grow, he does have good strength for his size and better than average durability, speed, and agility. Draft Capsules.

Preston May Get A Look At Guard: The scouts said that he is a top character and very smart. They do think he's very athletic with good movement and size. He gives you flexibility and may get a look as a pulling guard. He will not be used as a long snapper. They feel Preston can pass block and the ability to pull was a big factor for the Bills. He can run downfield and get an extra block, they like his toughness as well. They feel he get gain some strength in her upper body. The scouts feel he is a good fit for their scheme. They feel he is ready to compete now and is not a developmental type of player.

Preston Ecstatic: Raymond Preston called it a big day getting drafted in the fourth round. He had aspirations of being the first center taken but was the fourth one taken. He is ecstatic to be in the position he is now to play for a great team like Buffalo. His nickname Duke was given to him by his sister who called him "dukey bear." His dad is a former charger standout WR with the same name who has a lot to do with his success. He only allowed one QB sack in his last two years in Illinois. He feels like he is ready to be an impact right away but it will take work and the same dedication he has always had. If his role is to be a backup and to push the starter, he will do it as good as anybody. If it is to start he will do his thing. He is surprised that experts were saying that he isn't athletic. He is an avid surfer and basketball player and feels he's athletic. He has only played football since High School and knows he needs to improve but expects too get better and better.

Bills Take Center: Tom Donahoe said in his press conference yesterday there were still some good centers left, and he stood by his statement by taking Center Raymond Preston with the team's fourth round selection. He is a big center standing at 6'5", weighing 311 lbs. Has a thick body and was very durable in college. He needs to tone up a little bit and needs to gain some explosiveness. He may be protection against losing Trey Teague to free agency after this year or if Teague moves outside. Draft Capsules.

Donahoe On Day One Picks: Tom Donahoe addressed the media after a long day. He called it unusual since the first round was very long and the team had to wait until the 55th pick in the draft. He said he's pleased to get two more playmakers with speed to help the development of his young quarterback. Donahoe feels Parrish has gameday speed who is a gym rat with a competitive attitude. He called Parrish a playmaker who could add to the already successful return game. He feels Parrish is very quick in the slot and has good run after the catch ability. In picking two Miami products, he talked about the competitive nature of kids from that school. Donahoe said they feel good at where the Tim Euhus and Mark Campbell are in their rehabs but they won't know for sure until they get on the field. Everett hasn't had a lot of playing time but has produced when he played. They feel he has size but will get bigger. He is more of a vertical threat in the passing game than what they have and is an aggressive blocker. Donahoe feels the center position is still very deep heading into day two.

Not Offered Much For Henry: Tom Donahoe said the team was aggressive in trying to trade Travis Henry but they did not get presented with much in an offer for him. He said the team would have been interested in a third rounder for Henry but did not get offered one. He was puzzled that they weren't offered more of a fair market value for him and he's surprised that nobody was more aggressive in going after backs such as Henry, Shaun Alexander, and Edgerrin James. He reiterated that he is trying to be fair about dealing him but they need a deal that makes sense. So far they've been offered players they don't want (most likely L.J. Shelton) or late round picks. Donahoe is optimistic that something may happen today on the trade front but if he stays then it won't be a distraction.

More Weapons For Losman: There were many moves and non moves that left fans with raised eyebrows in day one of the draft. The two picks were surprise moves as the Bills stayed at the skill positions on offense to give J.P. Losman more weapons on offense. Everyone thought the team would take at lease one offensive lineman or one defensive lineman in the first two picks.

Henry Still A Bill: The surprise non moves were that the team stayed put and took their two picks as planned on day one and that Travis Henry is still a Bill. It was thought Henry may go to Arizona or Philadelphia after neither took a running back in round one. A deal was never made and the two teams took backs in round two. It is beginning to look more likely that Henry will be back in Buffalo this year.

Saturday April 23, 2005

Everett Relieved: Kevin Everett says he feels real good about coming to Buffalo and to reunite with other Hurricanes including fellow draftee Roscoe Parrish. He was relieved to be picked and is very excited about the situation in Buffalo with Coach Mularkey being a former tight end. He had a good meeting with the coach and felt he may end up in Buffalo. He feels he is as good as other recently drafted tight ends. He feels he needs to work on being more aggressive and finishing his blocks.

Everett A Weapon: The Bills feel Kevin Everett will contribute right away in the passing game. They feel he's a good athlete for the position and is very tough as a blocker. He is a little undersized who need to develop strength. He is very athletic and competitive. The Bills feel he will be hard to cover and will be a weapon in the passing game and will need to develop more before he becomes a full time tight end.

Bills Add TE: The Bills used both picks on day one of the draft to take offensive players from Miami. TE Kevin Everett was the Bills third round pick. The Bills obviously are not fully convinced that both Mark Campbell and Tim Euhus will be fully recovered from their knee injuries. Everett is a big tight end at 6'4" and 241 lbs. He seems to be more of a receiving threat than blocking tight end. His size makes him a natural but he needs to improve his blocking technique. His talents make him a possible solid starting tight end.

McGahee Excited About Pick: Willis McGahee told Roscoe Parrish that Buffalo is a good place for him to end up, they are very close and McGahee is excited that Parrish is joining the Bills. Parrish told the media that he spoke to the Bills receivers coach for a half an hour on Friday and he was told the Bills might draft him. He said he will give 110% whenever he gets on the field or in practice. He says he looks to contribute on both special teams and offense when he arrives in Buffalo.

Parrish Very Quick: Coach Mularkey said Roscoe Parrish has a great combination of speed and quickness along with great play making ability. Those were the reasons they took him along with his return abilities. He said the signing was no reflection on Josh Reed. He said the way the board was falling and what linemen were left, this was the right decision. He feels Parrish can help them with third downs. The scouts say he plays a strong 170 lbs although he will never be bigger he will work to get better.

Bills Take WR: After more than 8 hours of waiting, the Bills finally made a pick with the 55th overall selection in the draft. They surprised many by taking WR Roscoe Parrish from Miami. He is a 5-9 3/4 receiver that weighs just 168 lbs. He's very fast with a 4.43 time in the 40. He's also considered a solid punt returner with two returns for scores this past year and averaged 16.2 yards on 20 returns. He finished with 81 catches and 1,285 yards in his college career. Draft Page.

Bills Re-sign Thomas: KFFL is reporting that the Bills have re-signed restricted free agent Kevin Thomas. The cornerback is very important to the Bills nickel and dime defense.

Bills "Introduce" Losman: The Bills decided to "announce" J.P. Losman as their "first round" pick in the 2005 draft. They held a "tongue and cheek " press conference to show that trading up to for Losman last year gave them a jump on this year's draft. He said things are going good this off season as he works out six days a week.

Henry Value Up? The run on RBs at the top of the first round may help the Bills in their efforts to trade Travis Henry. The Cardinals were shutout of the top three backs in the draft and may be more willing to give the Bills what they want for Henry. Rumors have either the Cardinals or the Eagles giving the Bills a third rounder for his services. The Bucs and the Bears are now out of the sweepstakes after drafting running backs in round one today.

Henry Update: A report says that an NFL source confirms that the Eagles are offering the Bills one of their two third round picks for Travis Henry. They pick 77th and 94th overall. Tom Donahoe likely will want a higher pick in any deal for Henry.

Draft Weekend Is Here! The best football weekend of the offseason has arrived and Bills Daily has it covered! The draft gets underway at noon today and goes through the first three rounds. It concludes tomorrow starting at 11am. Bills Daily will be the place to get concise updates on the Bills draft activities. We will have our board on our homepage and draft page with links to player reports of each new Bill. We will also summarize coaches, GM, and scouts comments on each player drafted as well as give you a synopsis of the conference calls each player will be on. So check out our homepage, this page, and our draft page throughout the weekend along with our articles on the web links for even more draft information!

Friday April 22, 2005

Bills Add DT: The Buffalo News reports that the Bills have added street free agent defensive tackle LaWaylon Brown. The 6'4", 315 pounder went undrafted in the 2003 draft and was cut last summer by the Seahawks. Front Office Page.

Thursday April 21, 2005

Kiper Agrees: Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. told reporters in a conference call, that he agrees with Tom Donahoe's assessment that the Bills made the right move last year trading up to take J.P. Losman. He said if Losman was in this draft he never would be available at number 20 and might have been the top pick in the draft. He is considered in the same class as the top two QBs in this year's draft. He said the move is further justified by the fact that the Losman has a year under his belt in the system. Kiper believes the Bills will take DT Luis Castillo with the 55th pick in the draft if he is still available. Only one defensive tackle is expected to go in the first round and it is an area of need for the Bills. Draft Page.

Wednesday April 20, 2005

Matthews Signing Official: The Bills have confirmed that Shane Matthews is back in the fold and will be the Bills third string QB. Matthews, even more than Drew Bledsoe, was credited with mentoring J.P. Losman. His return should help Losman's development and solidifies the quarterback position. The Bills now have three QBs that they have confidence in if they get into a game.

Matthews To Return? The Buffalo News is reporting that sources close to Shane Matthews have said that he has agreed to a deal in principle to return to the Bills next year as the third string QB. This is a bit surprising as many thought Matthews would re-retire after the Bills signed Kelly Holcomb to backup J.P. Losman. If this move occurs, the Bills will be very solid three deep at the quarterback position.

Bills May Wheel And Deal: With the draft on the horizon it may not be a matter of who the Bills pick but where they'll pick. With a possible Travis Henry trade and many teams looking to move down, deals may be made. Nobody likes to make deals on draft day more than Tom Donahoe. We explore all possibilities in our draft preview on our draft page. Complete Story.

Tuesday April 19, 2005

Mock Draft: The Bills may try to fill the holes on the offensive line in day one of the draft. That is the thought of our draft guru. Once again Bills Daily takes on the tough task of guessing whom the Bills will pick in this weekend's draft. Take it for what its worth and we don't factor in possible trades. Bills Mock Draft.

Monday April 18, 2005

Thompson Leads Team To Third Straight Win: Bills allocated QB Kevin Thompson led his Cologne Centurions to their third win in as many games. He threw a touchdowns pass and had no interceptions. Throwing for 118 yards on 9 of 24. He added and had 18 yards on three carries. LB Kevin Brantley had six tackles and a sack for Frankfurt. Mike Gomez had one catch for Amsterdam for two yards but it was good for a score.

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