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Lynch Puts Criminal Case Behind Him

Lynch's Troubles Not Over: While the criminal issue is behind Marshawn Lynch the hit and run issue isn't all behind him. He admitted in his statement that the issue may still come up but he won't talk about it when it does. Two issues that remain include a possible civil suit by the woman he hit and punishment from the NFL office. When Roger Goodell was in the area on Friday he said the office is monitoring the situation and will gather all the facts after the criminal process is complete. As a first time offender and the fact he just pleaded guilty to a traffic violation it appears a suspension may not happen. He will have to open up his wallet though. He has already paid a $100 fine and a $50 surcharge to the department of motor vehicles. He may see an additional fine from the league. The biggest chunk to come out of his wallet may come if a civil suit is filed but look for a deal to be made out of court with the victim.

Saturday June 28, 2008

Butler's Contract Details: The Buffalo News is reporting the details of the contract extension signed by Brad Butler on Wednesday. The deal add three years to his contract and locks him through 2012 at an average of $2 Million a year. The extra years adds $8.8 Million of new money and shouldn't have a financial impact on the club in gaining new deals for Lee Evans or Jason Peters. His base salary now will be $955,000 this year, $1 Million next year, and $1.55 million each of the last three years. Front Office Page.

Friday June 27, 2008

Lynch's Statement: In his written statement to the media today, Marshawn Lynch said he did not know he struck some one until after the investigation got underway. He was distracted just before the incident by a girl that was dancing and singing and was trying not to hit her when he unknowingly struck someone else.

Goodell On Bills Future: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in Western New York today attending a forum at Chautauqua Institution. He said he whole heartedly supports the Toronto series but doesn't feel it means the team will move to Toronto permanently. He also said he doesn't feel like it will make more games in Toronto in the future a foregone conclusion. He believes the Bills public stand that the games are good for the regionalization of the club making them more financially stable and successful in Western New York. He also feels if the plan works like they think it will then there will be no reason to expand it to more than one regular season game a year. Goodell feels the team will be in Western New York for a long time but knows he has no direct control over what happens when the team is eventually sold. Goodell knows that Wilson wants the team to stay in Buffalo after he's gone and the commissioner says he will work very hard to make sure that happens.

Lynch Pleads Guilty: Marshawn Lynch apologized to the victim of the hit and run accident before going into court at the Department of Motor Vehicles office in downtown Buffalo. He then pleaded guilty to a charge of failure to exercise due care. It is a traffic violation and he was fined $150 and will lose his driver's license temporarily. He also apologized to fans and the team in a written statement. Do you think the case had a fair resolution? Take our new poll on our home page and let us know!

Thursday June 26, 2008

Timothy J. Russert Highway: The Senate approved a voice vote legislation yesterday to rename a portion of Rt. 20 by Ralph Wilson Stadium "Timothy J. Russert Highway". The bill was sponsered by both New York Senators, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. A similiar bill in the house sponsored by Rep. Brian Higgins is expected to pass in the next few days and President Bush is expected to sign it into law.

Individual Game Tickets Delayed: Considering only one regular season game is not considered a sellout it is not surprising that the Bills have delayed putting individual game tickets on sale. The date for sales to open was expected to be July 19th. The Patriots game is the only non sellout but is limited to the number of tickets available making little sense putting individual game tickets on sale. The team is holding back a number of tickets for potential season ticket buyers. If they don't all go then they may put individual game tickets on sale after that period ends on August 28th.

Wednesday June 25, 2008

Butler Gets Extension: The Bills took care of one of their young up and coming players today. They announced they have agreed on a contract extension for Brad Butler. Terms were not disclosed but he had two years left on his current deal signed when he was drafted in the fifth round of the 2006 draft. He was scheduled to have a base salary of $445,000 this year. This was a similiar method the team took when they locked up Jason Peters two years ago. Peters is now unhappy with that deal and holding out until he gets a new contract. He has three years left on his deal.

Fine Signs: The Bills have come to terms with fourth round draft pick Derek Fine on a deal. Terms were not disclosed. He is the third draft pick to sign, leaving 7 picks left unsigned. Fellow 4th round pick Reggie Corner and 7th round cornerback Kennard Cox are the others to have signed. Front Office Page.

Lynch To Appear Friday: A report in the Buffalo News says that Marshawn Lynch will appear in court on Friday to put the messy hit and run incident behind him at least on the criminal level. The report says he will plead guilty to a traffic violation instead of a misdemeanor according to law enforcement sources. That is not a criminal charge. The two possible traffic infractions that he could plead to are failure to exercise due care to avoid striking a pedestrian or leaving the scene of a property-damage accident. The maximum penalty for either violation is a $250 fine and up to 15 days in jail. As a first time offender Lynch is almost guaranteed avoiding jail time. Lynch is expected to finally comment publicly after his court hearing.

Tuesday June 24, 2008

Sales Remain Brisk: At this point it looks like there will be no individual game tickets available to the public. That is because the Patriots game on December 28th remains the only game not considered soldout by the Bills but only limited seats remain for that game. The 49ers game became the sixth soldout game when group sales started on Saturday. The team is holding back some tickets for potential season ticket buyers so you can still get tickets to every game by buying season tickets. That has created a surge in sales as they surpassed the 53,000 mark giving them the most season ticket sales since 1974. Tickets remain for the lone Ralph Wilson Stadium preseason game which is the annnual kids day game against Detroit on August 28th.

Monday June 23, 2008

Johnson In Car: The Buffalo News reported this weekend that the other person in Marshawn Lynch's car the night of the hit and run was rookie WR, and close friend, Steve Johnson. The DA says the other person in the car is cooperating with the investigation.

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