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Bills Lose Two Players During Expansion Draft
Questionable Pull Back May Haunt Bills.
by Steve Saslow

The Bills lost RB Clarence "Poo Bear" Williams and DB Ray Jackson to the Cleveland Browns in the expansion draft. These are two young players that the Bills did not want to lose but what was interesting was the first player the Bills pulled back. Jackson was taken with the 22nd pick in the draft and the Bills took QB Alex Van Pelt off the board instead of Williams. 10 picks later they lost Williams and pulled back Bill Conaty leaving Quinn Early on the board for Cleveland to ignore.

The Bills seem to look through rose colored glasses when looking at the pudgy third string QB. They apparently think Van Pelt is more valuable then Williams. This is interesting considering pro bowler Sam Gash is the only true fullback left on the roster and Van Pelt is playing behind two entrenched QBs in Rob Johnson and Doug Flutie. This may fuel the rumors of a Johnson trade but that simply isn't going to happen. The Bills will have the same three QBs next year as they had this past season. Williams seemed to flash some potential in the pre season and with continued growth he could be a solid player in the future. Barring a disaster Van Pelt may never play a meaningful game again with the Bills, so fans definitely have to question the Bills brass' decision to pull back Van Pelt, who probably wouldn't have been picked anyway!

The loss of Jackson was expected since he has some good experience and the Browns loaded up on defensive backs. His experience, youthfulness, and talent will be lost on an already depleted Bills secondary. If the Bills don't bring in another fullback, probably through the draft, then they will be in trouble if Gash gets hurt next year. They may be wishing they had Poo Bear but instead will have to look down the sidelines and see Van Pelt holding a clipboard.

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