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Ugly First Half Costs Bills Game 26-16
The Defense was awful once again and the Offense couldn't make big plays.
by Steve Saslow
Oct. 24, 1999

Andre Reed

The first half was a nightmare for Wade Phillips and the rest of the Bills. A 54 yard return of the opening kickoff was a bad omen as the Seahawks then marched 38 yards in 5 plays to an early 7-0 lead. The offense struggled all game as the receivers dropped six passes and Doug Flutie threw several bad passes as the Bills fell behind 23-3 at the half. The large deficit again forced the Bills to give up on the running game as the backs combined for only 19 carries and Flutie led the team in rushing with 48 yards.

Jon Kitna led Seattle to two field goal drives following Bills punts in their next two possessions to go up 13-0. Flutie then threw the first of two interceptions. The first one bounced off of the shoulder pads of Peerless Price who had 106 yards receiving but could have had much more as many catchable balls got by him. The Seahawks upped their lead to 20-0 when Derrick Mayes burned Antoine Winfield on a deep pattern over the middle for 43 yards and a touchdown. A 42 yard field goal by Peterson made it 23-0 with just :17 left in the half. That was enough time for Flutie to hit Kevin Williams for 26 yards to setup a Steve Christie field goal and close the gap to 23-3.

The Bills were hoping that the last second field goal would carry over into the second half and it did to some extent as they played better football in the second half. The Seahawks defense did hang tough and forced a punt on the opening series of the second half but on their second possession of the half the Bills had a great 84 yard drive in 15 plays to Price's first NFL touchdown to close the gap to 23-9. Christie never got the extra point off as the snap was bobbled. This was one of many mistakes by the Bills special teams. Another Peterson field goal in the fourth quarter put the game away at 26-9 before Jay Riemersma made the final score respectable with a touchdown reception.

The first half was a complete breakdown by all three units for the Bills. The Seahawks offense moved the ball up and down the field at will. The Bills offense couldn't establish a running game and Flutie was being pressured a lot. When he wasn't being pressured he was either throwing the ball terrible or having receivers drop perfect passes. The second half was a little better as the Bills moved the ball better but not good enough to come from way back on the road against a good team. Next week the Bills travel to Baltimore to play the Ravens in what will be a must win for the Bills. A loss will drop them back to .500, they cannot afford that especially since their two game losing streak drops them from First place to fourth place in the AFC East.


  • None - the only person that might have been worthy of a game ball would have been Peerless Price since he had a 100 yard receiving game and his first score. Unfortunately, he dropped way too many passes and was out of sync with Flutie too much to actually get a gameball.


  • Defensive Secondary - They were awful. The Seahawks mediocre group of receivers was constantly roaming free in the defensive backfield for big gainers. Everybody took turns getting burned from the Rookie Winfield to the steady Thomas Smith. Ken Irvin also struggled and the Safeties were caught out of position on many plays.
  • Doug Flutie - Continues to struggle badly throwing the football. He was the victim of many dropped passes but he also threw the ball terrible in the first half. He has to take some of the responsibility for the struggling offense. Only one of the two interceptions was his fault but the Seahawks secondary dropped many other potential interceptions.
  • Andre Reed - They needed a big game out of him and didn't get it. He dropped a third down pass that would have been a big first down with the Bills trying to come back in the third quarter. He wasn't open much and his four catches weren't big gainers.
  • Receiving Corp - Even though we singled out Reed, the rest of the receiving units dropped many passes. Price had a big game but dropped many others and one of the interceptions was his fault. Bobby Collins got involved in the offense for the first time and made one big catch but dropped a few others.

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