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What A Bills Fans Thinks
A Few Comments On Our Team.
by Bob Wensley
Sept. 26, 1999

Here's what one typical Bills fan is thinking about after two games:

  • One would have to think that if OJ didn't kill his wife his name would be much more prevalent at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Other then his name on the Wall Of Fame OJ is nowhere to be found.
  • Those complaining that the new seats in the stadium are too small should start spending less time complaining and more time starting to loose some weight. If all the seats were designed for Ted Washington or John Butler the stadium would only hold 40,000 people, ticket prices would double, the home field advantage would be nil, and there would be too many bathrooms.
  • If the Bills can get to a 5 and 3 record or better by mid season, the Thurman Thomas injury might actually help the Bills this year. The six weeks off could give Thurman fresher legs in December and January when, hopefully, the Bills will need him the most.
  • Buffalo's running game against Bill Parcell's Jets was somewhat reminiscent of Bill Parcell's Giant's running game in Super Bowl XXV. Too bad last week's game wasn't as important as the January match.
  • For those of you who still think Rob Johnson should be the starting quarterback wait your turn. Doug Flutie continues to prove each week why he is starting. When Father Time catches up to the little guy Rob will get his turn under the new lights at Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  • Kevin Williams is having a great year on special teams. He seems to give a spark to the Bills return game that they haven't had in a long time. If Peerless Price can solidify the number three receiver spot to leave Williams as the number four wideout and more time to concentrate on returns, he could play a big part on this year's team.
  • Ted Washington had a huge game last week, pun intended. If he can keep up the pace the Bills will be very solid on the defensive line.

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