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Injuries May End Bills Season
Latest rash of injuries to defense could spell doom
by Steve Saslow
November 27, 2000

The Bills survived the first nine weeks of the season without too many nagging or serious injuries. The last three weeks have seen the injuries mount, none worse than what happened on the wet grass of Raymond James Stadium yesterday. They lost three starters on defense for what essentially will be the rest of the regular season. The problem is, with these guys out, there may be no post season for them to return to.

High ankle sprains have been the killer for the Bills this year. Corey Moore missed seven games with one, and re-aggravated it yesterday. Donovan Greer missed all or part of three games with the same injury and also appeared to re-aggravate it yesterday. Now, Sam Cowart and Keion Carpenter have the same injuries. Cowart is already expected to be out a month, probably the same with Carpenter. We will know more later. Add to that the season ending surgery by Antoine Winfield and the torn groin muscle suffered by Sam Rogers yesterday.

Injuries are a part of the game but when you lose four starters on defense and have some of their key backups also hurt, it will make it very difficult for the Bills to overcome them down the stretch to make the playoffs. This team has heart though, and the coaching staff will work overtime to develop a scheme that will work with the healthy players they have. One option may be going to a 4-3 with the possible return of Phil Hansen. They may have no choice because they don't have enough healthy linebackers.

Players like Kenyatta Wright, Fred Jones, Daryl Porter, and Travares Tillman are going to have to step in and play at a very high level for the Bills to pull the playoffs out. If they don't succeed, they will at least gain valuable experience for next season.

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