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Key Quotes From Black Thursday

"These are strong ties built over the course of 15 years and now it's gone..."It's sad the fans are being affected as well, not seeing their favorite players finish their careers with one team." - Bruce Smith
"Today was the big day I've been waiting for. The Bills released me. Isn't it something? Most people don't want to be released, but I wanted this so bad." - Andre Reed
"It's a totally new day for the Buffalo Bills"..."This isn't evolution, it's an atom bomb." - Marv Levy
"This has been a very emotional day for all of us. None of us wanted to see this happen and we worked diligently trying to avoid this situation. But, unfortunately, it has not worked out. I think everyone knows how we personally feel about these three fine men and our relationships extend beyond the field. This was one of the toughest business decisions we have ever had to make." - John Butler
"For us, we asked, 'When do we bite the bullet?' As far as I'm concerned, I did not want to jeopardize this franchise into the distant future. We want to win this year, but we don't want to have the inability to keep our own, young, good players. It would've been impossible to do with the cap situation we had." - Ralph Wilson
"This is the era of cap-enomics in the NFL and the cap breaks up a lot of happy marriages, Both of these players had intended to stay in Buffalo their whole career, but that proved not to be the case today. For Bruce, it came down to a combination of the offer and the fact that all his friends were leaving. When I told him Thurman wasn't coming back, he didn't talk for a full minute." - Leigh Steinberg
"It's a day you want to forget, but I never will. Nobody's bitter. We're disappointed we couldn't keep them under this system. It was very difficult for us to do what happened. They've been a part of a great run for the Buffalo Bills, through a tremendous era. We tried to keep these fellas, we just couldn't work it out." - Wilson
"Knowing that Thurman wasn't coming back played a role for Bruce. He started to look at a team where none of the players he started his career with would be there." - Steinberg
"We tried our best to keep Bruce. We weren't too far apart, but it just didn't come together. We weren't trying to low-ball the guy. We made him what we thought was a pretty good offer, within the context of what we could do." - Wilson

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