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Dinkins And Allen Getting Work In Europe
The two Bills give insight on their play in Europe.
by David Lux
Special to Bills Daily
May 5, 2002

Bills Backers of Germany had a chance to talk to the two members of the Bills playing with the Amsterdam Admirals after a recent game. Here's a bit of background information supplied by David and the quick Q&A session he had with both players.

David Dinkins: He's listed at QB and is practicing at that position (Amsterdam's 3rd string QB, Ken Mastrole allocated from the Bears were sent to Scotland). David is also playing all aspects of special teams. He had a nice kickoff return against the Thunder, but much more important was his huge block, that led to a 92 kickoff return for a score by Raffael Cooper. That return made Cooper the Amsterdam's MVP for the game. Dinkins spoke after the game:

Q: What did you think about the game?

A: We were struggling on offense, not scoring any points. We had possession in the red zone three times but didn't score. (2 red zone interceptions and 2 personal fouls from the same player, what lead to a missed FG). The Defense was ok, but they got very tired late in the game because of two many three and outs by the offense. Recording a safety was good. We had some good returns, especially the one for the TD (smiling).

Q: Why didn't coach Andrus (head coach of the Admirals, former QB-Coach Tennessee Titans) let you play when the game was late in the 4th quarter?

A: I don't know. Maybe he thought that we still had a chance. I would have liked it, if I had the chance to take some snaps during the game.

Q: Amsterdam is the only NFLEL team, which has not won a Worldbowl since the League re-opened in 1995. What about your chances for a World Bowl trip?

A: If they don't let me play, we don't go to the World Bowl.

Reggie Allen: Reggie was playing slot receiver, coming on the field for third downs and long pass situations. He was open between 8-10 times in the game. QB Kevin Daft didn't find him as he was caught holding on to the ball too long, scrambling a lot and throwing into double coverage. His only passes to Reggie (Reggie caught 5 passes for 25 yards) were short passes over the middle, cross-ins.

Q: You were wide open different times in the game, but only got the ball thrown over the middle. How do you feel?

A: I'm frustrated. Very frustrated. You get open a lot of times, standing deep in the backfield, and don't get the ball.

Q: Why didn't the QB passes the ball to you?

A: I really don't know.

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