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Monday Quarterback Club Celebrates 40th Anniversary
We continue our feature covering the events from inside the QB club.
by Wally Bissett
Bills Daily Correspondent
Oct. 2, 2000

The Monday Quarterback Club celebrated their 40th anniversary today with their usual luncheon after Bills home games. The meeting took place at the Harbor Club in HSBC Arena. On hand at the celebration were Bills Owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. and his wife who does not make many public appearances. The Bills owner spoke how close of a bond the team and the Quarterback Club has become over the years. In fact, Mr. Wilson donates two of his own Super Bowl tickets to the Quarterback Club. He has done this for a number of years.

Also on hand at the lunch was Bills General Manager John Butler. He had the task of fielding questions about Sunday's disappointing loss to the Colts. Butler specifically discussed the situation where the Bills Offense were confused on the 4th down play that resulted in the Bills receiving a delay of game penalty and going for it. Butler said "I have no answer on that, but some players thought the play clock was not reset."

When asked why the team did not opt to try for a field goal, "A 46 or 47 yard field goal attempt is not automatic and the team was moving the ball pretty good. Coach Phillips had a gut feeling not to kick the field goal, and I agree with his decision."

The Bills came out of the game healthy. No major injuries were reported. Phil Hansen had some tightness in his back, but he will be ok. When asked about Jay Riemersma, Butler said Jay is progressing fine, he will not play in the Miami game, but the San Diego game is a possibility.

It was a very somber mood at the meeting. Everyone was still feeling the effects of yesterday's tough loss. John Butler in his final words to the crowd summed it up best by saying "This team has lot of pride, and if you have pride you are a tough team to beat, and this is a tough team."

The next Monday Quarterback Club meeting is in two weeks on October 16 following the San Diego Chargers game.

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