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Bills Win Dramatically In Overtime
We continue our feature covering the events from inside the QB club.
by Wally Bissett
Bills Daily Correspondent
Oct. 17, 2000

It was a feeling of happiness at the Monday Quarterback Club lunch, as the group celebrated a dramatic come from behind victory over the San Diego Chargers.

The win put an end to the Bills 3 game losing streak, and it featured Doug Flutie coming off the bench in overtime to relieve Rob Johnson who took another beating, this time resulting separated shoulder.

The Bills were lucky to escape Ralph Wilson Stadium with this victory, as they trailed the winless Chargers for most of the game. In fact if San Diego Linebacker Junior Seau caught the Rob Johnson pass that hit him in the biceps with 11 seconds to play the Chargers would be celebrating a victory rather than another loss.

The Bills came out of the game pretty much injury free. Rob Johnson sustained a grade 1-shoulder separation. A grade 1 separation is the least serious on a scale of three. Rob should be out two to four weeks. Before the injury Johnson was having a solid game. He completed 61% of his passes and was on target with Eric Moulds who caught 12 passes in the game. The other injury of concern is Jay Riemersma and Bills General Manger John Butler said “We will get word this week on Jay. It will all depend on his practices.”

The other questions that were asked to Butler were about Antowain Smith who was the only Bill not to see any action during the game, Butler said “ Antowain is a pro and will be ready when asked to play. You don’t make it to this level without some sort of work ethic.”

The big concern at the meeting was about the Bills Offensive line and its lack of protection for Johnson. From their play in the last few weeks we have learned that He is a very tough Quarterback. When asked about the Offensive Lines toughness Butler said, “ The line is tough. They have to play better. They have not hit their stride. We have to improve each and every week. No doubt about it. It’s not always the offensive line to miss a block. It can be a back or receiver. It’s a unit that works as a unit. When things click you will feel better. Stay with them, let them keep working and you will be proud of them.”

Those are pretty strong words about feeling good about the line considering Offensive Lineman Jerry Ostroski was critical of the home fans booing the teams poor performance. But as time goes on we will see. The offensive line will definitely be put to the test with Doug Flutie at quarterback the next few weeks.

When asked about if the thought of pulling Johnson during the game ever crossed his mind Butler was very supportive of letting who is at quarterback play through any slump. Butler said “we have seen Jim Kelly have a tough day and he played through it, some way some how. That’s the same with Rob or Doug, you have to give them a chance to succeed.”

The bottom line is the Bills broke a 3 game losing streak. Butler summed it up the best “ we won the football game and that’s all that matters.

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