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Bills Win 3 in a Row
(and the Patriots are a great team)
by Tony Bogyo
November 6, 2007

I received a disturbing letter today from the NFL league offices. While I was thrilled that the NFL would bother to correspond with me, a small time fan and amateur Bills sportswriter, I was floored by the content of the letter.

Dear Mr. Bogyo:

It has come to our attention that you have been writing a weekly sports column for Bills Daily about NFL football. Upon review of your recent writings, we have determined that you have used written accounts of our games in violation of NFL rules and policies. Specifically, your writings do not contain sufficient content glorifying the New England Patriots, their owner, coach, players and organization.

This letter serves to notify you of your violation and to request your immediate cooperation in including sufficient and flattering New England Patriots content in your writings, in line with that of the national media. We understand that you have chosen to write about the Buffalo Bills, but feel this subject, as NFL property, affords you generous opportunities to write positively about the league’s best team, the New England Patriots using terms such as “undefeated”, “champions” and “dynasty”.

We appreciate your cooperation as a member of the greater NFL media and remind you that failure to comply with league policies may result in loss of your right to watch NFL football games, create written accounts of such games, buy NFL merchandise, discuss football with friends and family or live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In extreme cases the league may also be authorized to kill you. We hope you understand the importance of this matter and that you will alter your writings accordingly.


Commissioner Roger Goodell

P.S. – Go Pats!

No football? Forced to move? Death? You have my attention, Mr. Commish – you have my attention. No need to get rough – I’ll make sure I pay homage to New England in this article.

So the Bills have now won 3 straight games and have reached the .500 mark at 4-4. If you’re a Bills fan life is pretty good – you’d have to go back to 2004 to find such a wining streak.

Patriots Fun Fact: When the Patriots go undefeated this season they will be the first team to do so since the 1972 Miami Dolphins, except they will have gone 19-0, two games better and obviously far superior to their earlier counterparts.

Not only did the Bills defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 33-21, they were exciting to watch as they put on an offensive showcase. The Bills amassed 479 yards of total offense and scored 3 offensive touchdowns. They also kicked four field goals, making them 7 for 7 in the red zone on the day. Marshawn Lynch broke the 100 yard mark for the first time in his career, rushing for 153 yards and a touchdown (he also threw for a score, the first Bills back to do that since 1981). Lee Evans, the forgotten man of the Trent Edwards offense, exploded for 165 yards receiving with a touchdown.

Patriots Fun Fact: The Chinese used the term “dynasty” before the Patriots. While the Chinese used it to denote the rule of a great imperial family for centuries, the Patriots use it to denote their utter dominance of the NFL in the last 7 years, thus proving the Chinese were incredible wusses who knew nothing about how to rule.

By far the man of the day was quarterback J.P. Losman. In one of the best games of his career, Losman threw for 295 yards and a score and kept the offense on the field (the Bills held the ball for over 10 minutes longer than their opponent). Back was the downfield passing game that kept the Bengals on their feet all afternoon and opened up the running game later in the game. Losman was obviously a man playing to regain what was once his – the job of starting signal caller. It was fun to watch – lots of big plays and exciting gains.

Patriots Fun Fact: Tom Brady isn’t just the best quarterback in NFL history, he’s also a dreamboat. In addition to being Super Bowl MVP, he has also received prestigious awards from the readers of GQ, Ladies Home Journal, Metrosexual Monthly and has been named Tiger Beat Magazine’s Hunk of the Year for the past 5 years in a row.

A few short weeks ago it appeared that the Losman era was over in Buffalo and that the team had decided to go in a new direction and start to develop a new rookie quarterback. In was Edwards and a conservative game plan designed to help the rookie move the ball and gain confidence. Out was the deep passing game and the big play. It worked and many were ready to turn the page on Losman. But injury (and irony) struck and Edwards was hurt, forcing Losman back under center.

Patriots Fun Fact: The Patriots gained no advantage when they happened to catch the Jets play calling signals on tape, something they believed to be fully legal under their interpretation of league rules. The Jets are such whining nancys.

Certainly Losman has earned another start and probably the job for the remainder of the season. Quite simply he gives the Bills a more dynamic offense and a better chance to win than his rookie counterpart. From the perspective of a fan it’s also more exciting to watch when Losman drops back in the pocket and throws down the field. With defenses having to respect the deep ball they also can’t stack the line and bottle up Lynch so the running game can also get a boost. The Bills would be making a mistake to once again yank Losman from the starting lineup in favor of a rookie.

Patriots Fun Fact: Up 38-0 with 11 minutes left in the Washington game the Patriots were right to go for it with Tom Brady on 4th and 1 rather than kick the field goal. It’s not running up the score to do this when you’re only up by 6 scores. That anyone who would question this proves the entire world is against the Patriots.

And so the Bills head into the Miami game this weekend, a rivalry that isn’t what it used to be. The Dolphins have yet to win a game and the Bills are on a roll, but they must take this contest seriously and not look ahead to their primetime matchup the following week. The Bills winning ways may be cut short when they return to tougher opponents, but for now life is good – and hey, the Patriots are coming to town! I hope I can get tickets and sit close enough to see Tom Brady…

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