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Be Thankful, Bills Fans!
Ďtis the Season to Give Thanks
by Tony Bogyo
November 22, 2011

The past 3 weeks have been absolutely brutal if youíre a Bills fan. The ranks of fans still talking about playoffs for the Bills has dwindled to almost nothing Ė only the most delusional amongst us still think the Bills can come out of their death spiral and find a way to play in the postseason.

Weíve been through this before Ė lots of times. This type of performance should rightly be expected if youíve been watching for the past decade, yet somehow it seems surprising. I guess thatís what happens when you have some hope and you start to dream about better times Ė you get crushed. It hurts. It feels like death.

OK Ė no use trying to explain how you feel Ė we all feel it. You know Iím a curmudgeon Ė Iím good at it Ė Iíve had lots of practice. But in this week of giving thanks, I think we as Bills fans have a lot for which to be thankful Ė itís all in how you look at it. They say every cloud has a silver lining, so letís hunker down and list out why we are thankful as we approach Turkey Day.

Iím thankful that the local broadcast of the Bills games here in the Boston area have been switched to ďmore competitive gamesĒ by halftime and the locals here have only seen half of how bad the Bills have been.

Iím thankful that my co-workers still try and comfort me with patronizing comments as they watch their team take yet another division title Ė they care, they really care.

Iím thankful that weíve had some really nice weather the past two Sunday afternoons Ė itís made yard work so much more enjoyable Ė who wants to sit in a stuffy house to watch the second half, anyway?

Iím thankful that Iíve been able to get so much more done on Sundays. The Bills current course has me projected to finish a number of home projects that probably wouldnít otherwise get done AND allow me to spend much more quality time with my wife and kids. Iím thinking my renewed dedication could really pay off for Fatherís Day in June.

Iím thankful that the mounting injuries on the team are allowing some guys to live out their dreams and play in the NFL. If youíre 300+ pounds and have ever played offensive line beyond the Pop Warner level you too could take advantage of the Billsí latest fantasy camp that culminates in your being promoted to an actual NFL roster. You get to keep the customized jersey with your name as a lovely parting gift when you get cut or put on IR.

Iím thankful that we get to see some fresh faces on the field on weekly basis. Who knew that Johnny White wore #20 and could prove such as easy conversion of your existing Donte Whitner jersey? If you can remove an N and an R from the back of a nameplate you have yourself some new duds for Sunday.

Iím thankful that Shawne Merriman has more company on IR Ė I was worried that he might be getting lonely. If the Bills are anything like the Red Sox heíll now have more buddies with whom to drink beers and eat chicken while his teammates are on the field.

Iím thankful that Ryan Fitzpatrick signed a 5 year, $59 million dollar extension. Despite the interceptions, he seems like a good guy and now he has the coin to cater those weekend pot luck meals with his neighbors or move away and live somewhere with ritzier, less folksy neighbors.

Iím thankful that Leodis McKelvin is on the bench Ė the bench players really needed some leadership and heís just they guy to give it to them. With Aaron Maybin gone we really needed a first round bench warmer and Leodis stepped up to the plate.

Iím thankful that we now know C.J. Spiller is not an NFL running back, nor is he an NFL wide receiver. Next stop: cornerback. Hey - they guyís first round talent Ė weíll find a place for him somewhere.

Iím thankful that we have George Edwards. Truth be told, I was really starting to miss the days when we had someone named Edwards screw up the Bills.

Iím thankful weíll have another 4 years or so wondering why the Bills canít ever seem to find a decent quarterback. In the cyclical rollercoaster of Buffalo Bills quarterbacks, we find ourselves once again coming off the high of feeling good that we finally found our man, only to see him sink like a stone to the depths of our despair. Nostalgiaís fun and it keeps Jim Kelly in our hearts forever.

Iím thankful that the Bills defense is giving up lots of points Ė at least we are getting to see some touchdowns. Nothing worse than those 6-3 losses where you donít get to see any cool scoring plays.

Iím thankful the Bills will likely be drafting in the top 10 of the draft the spring Ė nothing like racking up high draft picks to open up your possibilities of blowing yet another draft.

Iím thankful the Bills secondary has been able to make some young quarterbacks look good. Mark Sanchez, Tony Romo and Matt Moore have all looked really, really good Ė they donít get to do that too often.

Iím thankful the season is more than half over.

Iím thankful my fantasy football teams are doing well Ė at least thereís some reason to watch some football on a weekly basis.

Iím thankful I can still make light of how bad things have become instead of hurting myself or others.

Iím thankful itís time to call it a night and think about something else.

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