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Defense Lets Offense Down In Loss 31-27
Sammy MorrisThe offense played their best game of the season behind Doug Flutie unfortunately the defense couldn't handle the high powered offense of Minnesota, the grades refect that:


Doug Flutie played an extremely efficient game throwing two touchdowns and for 294 yards. He stayed in the pocket most of the game and was very successful being a pure passer. He was particularly efficient on third downs hitting his receivers for short passes keeping ball controlled drives going. Threw a perfect touchdown pass to Moulds. Did have a couple of near interceptions dropped. Grade A: Definitely not the reason for the loss. Our Player Of The Game

Running Backs:

The one-two punch of Shawn Bryson and Sammy Morris was extremely effective. Bryson ran very well especially on draw plays. He had 72 yards on 11 carries including a couple of long gainers that helped set up scores. Morris scored twice, a one yard dive and an 18 yard catch and run on a 3rd and 13 play. He got the start in the one back offense and led the team with 14 carries but gained only 31 yards on the ground. Jonathan Linton is the starter in name only as he only had two carries. Grade B: Will Bryson be the starter of the moment now?


Eric Moulds broke his own record set last week by catching 12 passes including some big third down conversions and the touchdown. Peerless Price continues to struggle holding on to the football. His fumble in the fourth quarter may have cost the Bills the game. Jeremy McDaniel caught five passes in the ball control offense but did drop one pass. We need to put out an APB on the tight ends, where were they? Grade B-: There isn't much behind Moulds.

Offensive Line:

The line played perhaps their best game of the season. They did a great job in pass protection as Flutie could stay in the pocket and be a pure passer. They opened up some holes in the running game especially early. Marcus Spriggs struggled with John Randle, committing three penalties. Grade B-: They definitely protect Flutie better than Johnson.

Defensive Line:

This unit put some pressure on Culpepper but more importantly contained him in the pocket for most of the game. They did let Robert Smith get past them on many ocassions however. Grade C+: Not the worst unit on defense but not great either.


Sam Rogers made a big play with an interception and got good pressure on Culpepper on another play. John Holecek deflected a pass in coverage and was active on the running game. Sam Cowart spyed Culpepper most of the game and kept him contained. Grade B-: Gave up some rushing yards but didn't lose the game.


This unit was exposed for the second week in a row. Ken Irvin and Antoine Winfield were constantly being burned and in the wrong spots on numerous pass plays. Winfield was in the wrong spot as Chris Carter got wide open for one score. Irvin was burned on the game winning score by Randy Moss. Grade F: You can't let these receivers roam free in the secondary like the Bills did.

Special Teams:

An up and down day for this unit. Steve Christie was 2 for 2 again although he got the help of the upright on one field goal. The coverage units were awful as they gave up a few decent returns. Chris Watson had his best game as a Bill with a nice punt and kickoff return to setup scores. Chris Mohr saved his worst punt for last. It helped setup the winning score. Grade C: Please abandon the short kickoffs!


Like the Indy game, the Bills executed their game plan and still lost. The ball control offense worked but the defensive schemes didn't. Dusting off the draw play in this game was a good idea. Playing Morris more was too. Grade B: The team was ready but there is just too much talent on the Vikings offense.

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