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Bills Have Toughest Schedule in League

This was the week that made you feel like the 2000 season was getting closer. The NFL released the schedule and the Bills have the toughest one in the league with a blockbuster opener. More on that in this week's edition of the week in review complete with our take on the situation:

The schedule is highlighted with an opening night revenge matchup at home against the Tennessee Titans. The Bills will get a quick chance to atone for the playoff disaster in Music City. It is their first opening day at home in three years. Other highlights include their first trips to Minnesota and Tampa Bay since super bowl losses in those cities. They have the toughest schedule in the league on paper, with only one game against a sub .500 team from last year and eight playoff teams on the schedule. The Chargers also come to Buffalo for the first time since 1985. Our Take: The schedule is really tough on paper but the way the league is, it is impossible to know if it will be as hard as it is on paper.
The pre season schedule was also completed with the addition of the last pre-season game being in Philadelphia on Thursday night Aug. 19th. Our Take: Thursday game gives them extra time to prepare for the Titans. They have to be extra careful of injuries on the awful turf at Veterans Stadium.
Before we get to the season the Bills need to go to their new training camp outside of Rochester at St. John Fisher College. They announced this week that July 20th will be the first day of camp. Our Take: It will be interesting to see if they get better crowds in the new location.
Wade Phillips addressed the Bills defensive situation this week, by stating the club will remain in a 3-4 defense. There had been speculation that the Bills would switch to a 4-3 with using Ted Washington and Pat Williams together in the middle of the line. Phillips plans to move Williams around the line a bit more so the Bills can maintain the rotation of linemen they had last year. Our Take: With hte personnell they have now a 4-3 makes more sense, who will play left outside linebacker? Newman is unproven.
Rumors are swirling regarding the future of Sam Gash and Kevin Williams with the club. The Bills are very tight on the cap now with the signing of Ruben Brown and extension of John Fina's contract. Gash and Williams are role players with relatively high cap figures. Speculation has the Bills trying to trade the players for mid to low round picks. Our Take: The club can't afford to lose more leadership, and Gash is a leader. If he does go, that means the Bills will go back to a single back offense. That means the Bills would be going to a three wideout offense. In that case, Williams is needed to be that third receiver.

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