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Two More Games Gets Club Closer To Being Ready

Over the last eight days the club split two road preseason games in Detroit and St. Louis. The games helped shape what the final roster will be like. That highlights this week's week in review, complete with our take on the issues:

On Saturday night the club won a sloppily played game against St. Louis 31-27. The Offense looked sharp as Rob Johnson hit three long passes, two to Jeremy McDaniel for 85 and 51 yards and a 44 yarder to Eric Moulds. Our Take: There is no question this will be a big play team, what's wrong with that? The Rams won a Super Bowl being that kind of team. The running game is definitely not in top form yet.

As the turk gets set to hit, several players made strong bids to move up the depth chart and make the team. Kenyattta Wright and Fred Jones had big games as well as the top three draft picks. Our Take: Wright probably saved himself from being cut. Jones solidified his spot on the roster and the top three picks look very promising. Travares Tillman is finally coming into his own.

On the negative side from the Rams game, Avion Black, Lennox Gordon, and Jonathan Linton all fumbled. Black missed played a punt and kickoff return. Our Take: Black's struggling may keep Drew Haddad on the roster. Gordon now has had two big fumbles near the end of games, which may seal his fate. Linton is definitely behind Shawn Bryson on the depth chart.

To go back to last week's game in Detroit a bit. It was the opposite of this week's game. The offense struggled mightily giving up numerous sacks and pressures. The defense was solid against a weak offensive team. Our Take: What the last two games have proven, neither unit is as good or bad as they showed in the two games. The offensive line is definitely struggling even thought they say they weren't prepared for the schemes the Lions ran. The second unit defense needs some work also.

On the injury front, Antowain Smith is still out with what is being called a minor knee or thigh bruise. Ruben Brown is still out with swollen tendons in his ankle. Doug Flutie had an MRI on Monday that showed he's on schedule to return. Joe Panos got hurt against the Rams, no word yet on the seriousness of that injury. Our Take: Smith is proving he's not the durable player you need to be if you're going to be a featured back in the NFL. Brown's injury is a bit worrisome, but expect him to be ready when they suit it up for real. If Panos is out any length of time, Jamie Nails can fill in admirably.

A good sign from the week was the full return to practice of Marcellus Wiley. He is way ahead of schedule and played a quarter against St. Louis. Our Take: There is little doubt Wiley will be ready for the season, the extra week of playing time and practice will help him get in sync with his linemates.

The Bills broke camp at St. Johns Fisher on Wednesday. It was a very successful camp and Coach Phillips thanked the fans by stopping practice for 10 minutes on Tuesday to have the players sign autographs. Our Take: Phillips did the same thing at the beginning of camp, he definitely realizes the value of the fans to the team.

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