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Schultz Signs With Detroit

This week wasn't as volatile as last week, but it did include losing one player, one re-signing, and one insignificant free agent signing. Here's a look at the week in review with our take on it:

On Tuesday Wade Phillips and John Butler addressed the media for the first time since the infamous "Black Thursday". The reason for the press conference was to announce the signing of Jay Riemersma, but it turned in to a state of the Bills address. Both men are still optimistic about the season despite all the defections and are confident they will get help in the draft and that the younger talent will come through for them. Our Take: Butler is a scouting genius, if anybody can replace through the draft it's this club. The problem is their are two many holes being created to be filled by one draft.
The Bills defense took another blow with Kurt Schultz signing with Detroit. Our Take: This loss is more severe than other losses since the Bills don't have anybody very to step in for him.
It was learned late in the week that Detroit is ready to becoming the Bills of the Western Great Lakes. They are trying to free up Salary cap room to take Ruben Brown away from the Bills, they are also talking to Dusty Ziegler. Our Take:The Bills weren't going to give Brown the type of money he was asking for, (other teams also weren't willing to give it to him). It is now in absolute priority to sign Ziegler or else there will be no depth on the line. They can't count on Panos returning from his neck injury.
Other unsettling news for Bills fans is the rumors that Thurman Thomas may be heading for Miami. The Dolphins need an experienced back and say Thomas is one of the players they are looking at, but Thomas denies he has a meeting set for next week. My Take: I would hate to see Thomas end his career in a Miami uniform, but the fact is, he has a right to collect a paycheck from anybody who wants to sign him, so we would have to live with it.
The Bills signed QB Mike Cawley to the team this week. He will play for the league minimum. He had a good preseason last year with the club and a good year in the world league also. Our Take: He is much cheaper than Alex Van Pelt and is also younger with more talent. Understandable move.
It looks like the Bills are closing the door on re-signing free agent Gabe Northern. He is not getting much attention on the open market and may be able to be re-signed cheaply but the Bills don't seem to be interested. Our Take: Some reports say the Bills don't want him back because they are very high on fourth round pick Keith Newman. We say if he's cheap they should re-sign him, Northern can make big plays, and there are going to be too many first year starters as it is on defense. If they don't bring him back, than a 4-3 should be seriously considered.

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