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Another Heartbreaking Loss Haunts Bills 22-16

Steve Christie hit a 42 yard field goal with 16 seconds left to give the Bills a 16-15 lead as Rob Johnson directed a nice drive to what shoud've been the winning points. But the special teams stunned the world and let the team down in what was as bad if not more unbeliveable than wide right as they let a lateral beat them on a short kickoff. It wasn't even a squib kick, just a short kickoff that allowed for a lateral to beat them. A long kickoff probably wouldn't have beat them, a squib kick probably wouldn't have beat them, but a short high kickoff and lateral did. It came down to a review of the possible lateral and it was close but the reveiw wasn't overturned. The season is over in traditional heartbreak for the Buffalo Bills. The defense gave it its all, Johnson drove the Bills for a winning FG, but the special teams blew it and it should cost Bruce DeHaven his job. Wade Phillips could be second guessed for not running two plays to run the clock down and making Christie's field goal the last play but the bottom line is, you have to make the stop of a trick play when you are kicking off with 16 seconds left. The Bills have now had the two most heartbreaking losses in NFL history. Super Bowl XXV's wide right has been equaled by today's loss. Steve's Bills Site will be here in the off season to keep you updated on the future of the Bills but right now, we are as devastated as all Bills fans.

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