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Bills Don't Make Any Cuts On "Magic Date"

It was a busy week in the NFL but for a change the news didn't include the Bills. The club was done cutting the roster and didn't let anybody lose on June 1st. That highlights our week in review included our take on the issues:

June 1st came and went with many players being cut including Deion Sanders and Bryce Paup. Charles Way was also forced to retire from the Giants. The Bills didn't let anyone go, as they should be able to sign all but their first round pick under the salary cap. To sign the top pick the club may have to re-do a contract or two unless a younger, cheaper player beats out a high priced veteran. Right now the club is $830,000 under the cap counting the rookie minimums, although the top choices will make more than that. Our Take: The club will sign all their picks without cutting anybody else, they will try to re-structure a contract or two. The only other option is to replace the kickers. Steve Christie and Chris Mohr may lose their jobs for cap reasons and a slippage in ability. The free agents signed to challenge them are Dan Giancola and Jason Van Dyke. If these newcomers win the jobs that may be what is needed to get under the cap.

With the June 1st bloodletting that did take place around the league, former Bills may find jobs. Sam Gash may end up in New York playing for the Giants since Way was cut and there has been rumors that Bryce Paup will come back to Buffalo or Green Bay. Our Take: Don't expect Paup to come back to the Bills. Even if he would sign for the veteran minimum, the club can't afford it. Paup is just a pass rushing specialist and the Bills figure they have one in third round pick Corey Moore. Gash also won't end up with the Giants. They have cap restraints of their own and are planning to go to a one back offense this season.

Jim Kelly was in the news for two items this week. The big news was the plane crash he was in on May 20th. Kelly said the two seater plane he was in off the coast of Alaska crashed 100 yards from shore and he had to swim to safety. He suffered only minor cuts and bruises. The pilot of the plane had a different story, saying they came to a stop in 6 inches of water. The plane only suffered minor damage to the propeller. Our Take: Kelly made the news public, which put the pilot in an awkward situation since he didn't report the incident to the FAA or NTSB. This makes me think, Kelly's story is more on the money.

Kelly was also in the news for being one of three people to get The Father Of The Year Award in Washington DC. Our Take: Kelly has used his fame well for the advancement of Krabbes Disease which his son Hunter suffers from. His work may help reach a cure for this rare and fatal disease.

In other ex-Bills news, Bruce Smith missed his mini-camp with Washington because of the death of his father. He had been ill in recent years. Our Take: Bills Daily expresses our sympathy to the Smith family.

There was some stadium news this week, the Bill have begun changing the angle of the seats in the lower bowl from a 95° angle to a 90° angle. This will add some 2" of leg room. Fans last season complained loudly about the lack of room at the stadium. Our Take: The club listened to fans complaints and came up with an innovative way to solve the problem.

Also at the stadium, people will be paying more for the luxury of parking their vehicles this season. Cars will now cost $10 to park. Limos and campers will cost $17 while buses will have to pay $30. Our Take: This will be the first increase at the stadium in six years, so it isn't unreasonable.

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