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Nothing Happening At One Bills Drive

For the second week in a row, this review will feature more information about ex-Bills than current players on the roster since there is no real news happening out of Buffalo again this week. Here's what little week in review items we have including our take:

The Biggest news of the week on the field is the speculation that Steve Christie's job may be on the line.Our Take: This signing was just a formality, as Nails wasn't offered a deal by another team. He provides great depth at guard especially with Joe Panos trying to comeback from a serious neck injury.
Some members of the Bills organization seem to have the acting bug. Donovan Greer and Doug Flutie taped scenes for a new TNT movie this week called Second String. It is about the Buffalo Bills losing all their starters to food poisoning on the eve of the playoffs. Not to be outdone, head coach Wade Phillips will be on the HBO series Arli$$ in one summer episode. Our Take: This is good extra curricular activities for the players and coach.
The rest of the news involves former Bills, starting with comments by Thurman Thomas. He stated in an interview that he is out to prove to the Bills that they made a mistake by cutting him and he has the two dates with the Bills circled on his calendar. He goes on to say, that he would have been happy to retire at the end of last season if the Bills let him know he wasn't in their plans. He hated how the Bills handled the whole thing, he found out he was cut by a crawl on ESPN2. Thomas is also getting bombarded with hate mail out of Buffalo. Our Take: The Bills cutting Thomas was a business decision and he going to the dreaded Dolphins was also a business decision. We wish Thomas well in Miami, but hope the Bills shut him down during his two games with the club next year.
The latest Sam Gash rumor has him going to the New Orleans Saints. He would be a great blocking back for Ricky Williams and his leadership abilities would help the young star also. Our Take: No matter where he goes at this late date, he will be paying for less money. The Saints only have a rookie FB on their roster, so it may be a good fit for Gash.
Continuing with recently cut ex-Bills, Bruce Smith missed one workout with the Redskins so he can play in a charity golf tournament. The Skins think he is the best defensive player in free agency and he will be an enormous help in the leadership category. Our Take: If he wants to be a leader like they want him to, he should do his charity events on his own time.
$30,000 worth of memorabilia was stolen from the Orchard Park home of Jim Kelly over a six-month period. About $20,000 of the stolen property were recovered from Buffalo area collectible shops. A handyman who worked in the home was charged with the thefts.
In on the field news, two young players that may see ample playing time this year is Keith Newman and Kwame Cavil. Newman is projected as the starter at weak outside linebacker. The club is high on him, since he is an aggressive, talented player who has no fear, and can play the run and pass equally as well. Cavil may go from an undrafted free agent to a starter as the third receiver. He is the prototype possession receiver and the Bills don't really have one with the cutting of Andre Reed. He will challenge Jeremy McDaniel for the job.

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