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Three Cuts Highlight Ho-Hum Week

It was another quiet off season week as the front office took some time off before gearing up for the start of training camp. The next few weeks will be used to get the top picks signed as this past week was used to cut three rookie free agents. We take a closer look at all the news and give you our take on the issues:

The front office made three moves on Monday by cutting three players signed shortly after the draft. Wide Receivers Teddy Johnson and Stephen Campbell were let go along with long snapper Ryan Diepenbrock. This will open up three spots on the 80 man roster but won't bring any cap relief since they aren't among the top 51 players in terms of salary. Our Take: The cuts make sense as it gives the more qualified players more practice during training camp. The cutting of Diepenbrock opens up the door for sixth round pick Dan O'Leary to possibly make the team as the long snapper.

The team has signed 75% of their draft picks leaving the top three picks unsigned. This is a much higher percentage than most other teams in the league. It is now a waiting game to see the market value for the top picks before being able to sign Nate Clements, Aaron Schobel, and Travis Henry. Our Take: Tom Donahoe has done a good job getting the lower round picks signed. It seems that once top picks start signing deals he will be able to get the Bills top three under contract.

Wegmans got a head start on selling individual game tickets to three games by putting the Carolina, New England, and Seattle games on sale this past Saturday, one week before all individual game sales starts. They are also giving away bobblehead dolls with the purchase of two tickets. Their will be a Marv Levy doll given to Caroling ticket buyers since he will be honored at that game. Jim Kelly dolls will go to Seattle buyers and Fred Smerlas dolls to the Patriot game buyers. Our Take: The Bills are obviously trying to get an early start on selling out the late season matchups that normally don't sell well. This is a good idea, but what about the people that already have tickets to those games through group sales or season tickets? They don't get dolls because they have their tickets already, that is a little strange.

In a poll by the NFLPA the turf at Ralph Wilson Stadium ranked 23rd out of the 30 stadiums. This is after new turf was put in before last season. Tom Donahoe continues to talk about putting in a mixture turf called "FieldTurf". No word on when that would happen if at all. Our Take: If this turf/grass mixture is suppose to be that good than the Bills should definitely consider it. Grass isn't an option because it would freeze late in the season.

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