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Bills Receive Four Comp Picks

Things continue to slow to a crawl as the Bills brass were at the owners meeting for most of the week. At those meetings it was announced the Bills will be one of two teams to get the maximum four compensatory picks and only one of three teams to get a third rounder. We tackle this issue and more in our latest week in review complete with our take on the issues:

Thanks to the off season defections of Kurt Schultz, Sean Moran, Thomas Smith, and Dusty Ziegler last year the Bills were awarded four compensatory picks including a third rounder, two sixth round picks, and a seventh rounder. Our Take: For a team that is in dire need of depth, the extra picks are a dream come true. These picks may not be enough as Tom Donahoe indicated the Bills would like to get one or two more picks, one possibility is trading Antowain Smith. There is a rumor that he may be shipped off to Chicago. For more on the draft check out our draft page.

The Bills made one signing this week, as they re-signed Ray Hill. He was a restricted free agent who was not tendered an offer by the club. He stayed in Buffalo for the workouts a week ago despite being an unrestricted free agent. The club gave him a one year deal worth $418,000. Our Take: The Bills need depth at the defensive back positions and Hill seemed a logical choice to stay for cheap money. We were surprised that he wasn't tendered an offer to begin with.

The owners meeting had a different feel as many owners including Ralph Wilson stayed away. Realignment was discussed and there are now seven options for realignment, all of them keep the Bills in the AFC East. Six of them keep the division together while the Colts leave for the AFC South. Only one option takes Miami out of the division but that one is likely not to happen. Instant replay was also brought back for three more years as the Bills were in the minority voting it down. Our Take: It is a good thing that the traditional rivalries of the AFC East will be kept together. It will be nice to see the emerging powerhouse of Indianapolis leave the division. As far as instant replay goes, it is better than nothing and lets hope they continue to fine tune it over the next year or two.

Wade Phillips was in the news this week as it came to light that the Bills indeed plan on withholding nearly $1 Million in salary for insubordination. Ralph Wilson contends that since Phillips refused to fire special teams coach Ronnie Jones, he had no choice but to let him go and doesn't owe him any money. Phillips was surprised and upset and the Bills have not commented officially on the matter. Commissioner Tagliabue may be forced to get involved in the issue. Our Take: This is a surprisingly bush league move by the usually classy Wilson. The fact is, he didn't have to fire Phillips, he did, now he should just pay him and put the ugly incident in the past.

In free agent rumor news, there is still talk that Ted Washington will land in Chicago. Steve Christie is drawing interest from the Giants and San Diego but the Bills are believed to still be in the picture. The Bills brought in former Steeler offensive lineman Shar Pourdanesh for a look but he left without a contract. Gregg Williams also expressed interest in former Titans stud DT Josh Evans. He is currently serving out a drug suspension but is expected to be reinstated before the season starts. Our Take: It's time for the Bills to start getting a player or two under contract so their draft needs become clearer. Evans was a stud and if he's cleaned up his act, he may be worth a shot. We would also like to see them keep Christie if possible.

Erik Flowers was the latest Bill to answered e-mail questions on the team's official website. Flowers said he is looking forward to the new 4-3 defense since that is what he was used to in college. He also plans on losing some weight to regain some quickness. He will now treat football as a job and take it more seriously than his rookie season. Our Take: Flowers will be a key component this year, and lets hope the loss of weight, new defense, and recovery from his heel injury will make this a breakout season for the former first round pick.

On Sunday one of the two players the Bills sent to NFL Europe was cut. Josh Roth was cut from the Amsterdam Admirals, who held on two Bills OL Corey Hulsey. Our Take: If Roth can't make an NFL Europe team, what are the hopes he can make the Bills?

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