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Bills Daily 1999 Draft Board

Round Pick Overall Pos. Player College
1 23 23 DB Antoine Winfield Ohio State
2 22 53 WR Peerless Price Tennessee
3 25 86 RB Shawn Bryson Tennessee
4 24 119 LB Keith Newman North Carolina
4 27 122 TE Bobby Collins North Alabama
5 23 156 LB Jay Foreman Nebraska
6 25 194 S Armon Hatcher Oregon State
7 24 230 TE Sheldon Jackson Nebraska
7 42 248 DL Bryce Fisher Air Force


Antoine Winfield CB Ohio State 5-8 5/8, 176, 4.47 - This was the only pick that went as expected. The Bills had their eye on Winfield the whole time. He has great speed and is a hard hitter with a great work ethic. He can also put pressure on the QB through blitzes. His only knock is his height but the AFC East doesn't have tall receivers, with the exception of Keyshawn Johnson. Expect him to pay immediate dividends as the nickel defensive back.

Peerless Price WR Tennessee 5-10 5/8, 180, 4.4 - It was a big suprise that Price was there with the 53rd pick in the draft, but the Bills were glad he was and quickly snatched him up. Price has a knack for the big play as two of his best games were the SEC Championship game and the Fiesta Bowl. He will make the tough catch but sometimes drop the easy ones and has great jumping ability which covers up his lack of size. He may have slipped on draft boards because of a questionable attitude. He should step right in to the third receiver role which means he will get a lot of playing time since there will be many spread formations in the offense this year. His role will allow Kevin Williams a chance to concentrate on special teams.

Shawn Bryson RB Tennessee 6-0 1/2, 231, 4.45 - In the third round the Bills took Price's college roommate in Bryson. He fills a real need here since the club lost Darick Holmes and Poo Bear Williams this season. The Bills project him as a young Sam Gash but he may be more like Jonathan Linton. He can play both halfback and fullback but will be groomed to play fullback (Linton was also suppose to be groomed as a fullback last year). He's a good receiver but his blocking needs help, may be better in a one back offense since he's not a pure RB or FB.

Keith Newman LB North Carolina 6-2 1/2, 244, 4.73 - This pick is a gamble since Newman is coming off of a very sub par senior season. He has a lot of potential but is an inconsistent player. He has good speed and can get to the QB on blitzes but is not considered to be a good pass defender. Projected as a strong side outside linebacker. If he returns to his junior year form he could be a steal, if not, he could be out of Buffalo in a hurry or on the practice squad.

Bobby Collins TE North Alabama 6-4, 250 5.0+ - Collins may have been the second best all around TE in the draft behind Jim Kleinsasser who the Bills coveted. He's considered a solid receiver with good speed and hands. A decent blocker but needs some more work. Should be the backup TE behind Jay Riemersma when camp breaks.

Jay Foreman LB Nebraska 6-1 1/8, 241, 4.65 - The son of former NFL great Chuck Foreman is an athletic inside linebacker who may be moved to the outside by the Bills. He has speed and a great work ethic and continues to improve in every level of his game. He's light and gets gobbled up by blockers at times, which may mean the move to the outside where he can use his speed. He will probably make the team as a special teams player or go to the practice squad for further development.

Armon Hatcher DB Oregon St. 6-0 1/2, 212, 4.53 - Played some cornerback but is projected as a strong safety in the NFL. He's been known to leave his best game on the practice field. He has good size to him and can return kicks. His down points are his tackling and lack of consistency in his play. With a lack of numbers in the secondary he may make the final roster with a good camp, at the very least he should be kept on the practice squad.

Sheldon Jackson TE Nebraska 6-3 1/4, 243, 4.8 - Some people had Jackson rated as one of the top three TE's in the draft but he fell to the Bills in the last round. He has shown continued improvement every year and can be a good prospect as a pro. He is fast but small and is considered better suited for the H-back position like Riemersma. His downfall is blocking because of his size. Because of no depth at the position he should make the team as the third TE, at the very least he will be on the practice squad.

Bryce Fisher DL Air Force 6-3 1/2, 283, 5.03 - The Bills will have to wait for their final pick while he finished his duties in the Air Force. He went about where everybody thought he would. He is a hard worker that will improve he's a "tweener", between end and tackle. He's not big enough to play tackle and doesn't have enough speed to play end. The Bills don't have to worry about what to do with him for a while until he finished his military commitment.


The Bills seemed to make the most of where they picked, getting the player they wanted in the first round and getting a potential big play maker who fell in to their laps in the second round. They filled major holes in their depth at TE, DB, and WR. They added to linebackers which was a suprise and only one defensive lineman and that was with their last pick. I never did see the need for help on the defensive line since Marcellus Wiley is ready to step in if needed. It's impossible to really grade a draft because you never know, but going by what's on paper, I'd give it a A-

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