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Bills Use Bye Week To Get Back To Basics

Eric MouldsMoulds Talks About Bills: Eric Moulds talked about the Bills on CBS NFL Today. He said Drew Bledsoe resurrected his career and his accuracy and leadership has been huge for the team. He spoke of the practical jokes between himself, Peerless Price and Bledsoe. He demonstrated some of his moves against Deion Sanders.

Saturday November 9, 2002

Moulds On TV: Eric Moulds will be joining the CBS NFL Today crew on Sunday. They usually bring in one player who has a bye and this week Moulds joins Deion Sanders, Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, and Jim Nantz.

Friday November 8, 2002

Bills Workout Players: The Dallas Cowboys website is reporting that the Bills worked out a whopping 82 players yesterday. They brought in players from all positions including seven kickers. All teams bring in players throughout the year to get updated profiles in case of injuries or lack of depth at certain positions. Bringing in that many players is unusual however.

Players Get Rest: The players start their unusual three day weekend off as they take advantage of the bye week. The rest will help the injured players heal and the rest of the players to get a mental rest for the second half of the season. They have a full scale practice on Monday at the stadium.

Thursday November 7, 2002

McGinest Fined: Willie McGinest was fined by the league for his hit on Drew Bledsoe during Sunday's game. The second quarter hit resulted in a roughing the passer penalty. The amount of the fine has not been disclosed yet.

Winfield Ready: As we have been reporting for a couple of weeks now, the target date for the return of Antoine Winfield is the Chiefs game after the bye. Winfield confirmed he will return for that game. He has practiced the last two days and says his knee feels real good. He is anxious to return. Injury Page.

Price Could Help: The Bills continue to look for help on the defensive line as the pass rush is in a slump. We told you that Marcus Jones was worked out last week. Another option is Shawn Price. He continues to workout at the stadium and says his knee is now 100%. He feels he is ready to help the team if needed.

Stat Change: A big change from the Patriots game is that Kevin Faulk's 45 yard touchdown is now being called a running play off of a lateral instead of a pass completion from a screen pass. That is a huge change in stats as Tom Brady's passing numbers are now 265 yards and 3 scores instead of 310 yards and four scores. Of course the Patriots rushing numbers rose to 159 yards.

Wednesday November 6, 2002

Bye Week Work: Usually today would be media day with the coach and main player from each team talking to the opposing media. Since this is the bye week the club is using the extra practice time to work on fundamentals and get back to basics that may have fallen through the cracks over time this season. The club finishes its bye week work tomorrow. They have a long weekend before returning to practice on Monday to begin preparations for the Chiefs game. Monday is normally a film study day only, so the extra day of actual practice should give them a leg up going into Kansas City.

Tuesday November 5, 2002

Owner Donates To Fisher: Ralph Wilson has donated $2 Million to St. Johns Fisher to have a building built in his name on the campus. St. Johns Fisher hosts training camp for the Bills and were planning the building but could not have done it without Wilson's donation.

Wilson Upset: Just about every fan and everyone in the media has second guessed Coach Williams move to punt on the first possession of the third quarter on 4th and 2 at the Pats 32. Owner Ralph Wilson has also weighed in on what is the play that sealed the Bills fate. Wilson said, "That changed the momentum rihgt there, I don't konw why we didn't go for it." It is unusual for Wilson to second guess his coach's decision publicly but this call deserved it. The failure to at least attempt to go for it showed the players that the club gave up in the game.

Bye Week Schedule: The schedule is different this week because of the bye week. The players will not have their usual day off today. They are practicing instead and will also practice Wednesday and Thursday. They will then have a three day weekend before resuming their normal schedule on Monday.

Practices Closed: The Bills may be getting paranoid. They have closed practice sessions to the media because they feel too much injury information has leaked out. The team will still have interview sessions for the media.

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