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Flutie Opens Mouth and Causes Headlines

This week was a very quiet week at One Bills Drive as most of the important administrative staff went to Indianapolis for the combine, here's the little news and rumors surrounding the Bills:

Doug Flutie made the big headlines with his interview with the Canadian sports network TSN. He said the Bills would have won the playoff game if he started and that they shouldn't have let the Big three go. He also thought about asking out of Buffalo but figures to be around only one more year before his fate is sealed like Thomas, Reed, and Smith. Our Take: Flutie convienently forgets that the Bills would have won the playoff game thanks to Rob Johnson's last minute drive if it wasn't for the game winning field goal. Flutie may have got a raw deal like he suggests, but the bottom line is Johnson is the better QB at this point and time.
On the free agent front it is looking more and more like Thurman Thomas will end up with Miami. They offered a two year deal near the league minimum with heavy incentives he will decide in the coming days on whether he will accept the deal or not. Our Take: Expect Thomas to wind up with the dreaded fish and be highly motivated twice a year for the Bills. If things were handled better he could have played stayed with the Bills for the same price.
Ruben Brown still hasn't signed with Detroit because of salary cap problems. His asking price appears to be dropping since nobody will pay $5-$6 Million for a guard. He now is expected to visit with Miami next week and if his price drops further he may sign there. Our Take:Even though his price is dropping the Bills still can't afford to sign him. Lets hope the Lions find a way to sign him before he to, winds up in Miami. If he does go south, then the rivalry will just get that much bigger.
Other Bills unrestricted free agents don't appear to be making any waves in the marketplace. Dusty Zielger, Sean Moran, Gabe Northern, and Manny Martin are the bigger names left. Our Take: The Bills should lock up Ziegler while the demand is low, they need his versatility. They should also wait for Norhtern and Moran's stock to drop a bit lower and keep both of those players. If they re-do John Fina's contract that should free up money to sign all three of them. Martin will be available for near minimum because of his injury after June 1st. They should sign him then, if healthy.

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