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Ziegler Bails for Giants

This week ended like many others have since the "music city miracle", in turmoil. Here's the latest edition of the week in review including our take on the issues:

Dusty Zielger had agreed to a 5 year deal worth $10 Million with the Bills on Friday only to renege on it on Saturday. He stunned the front office by agreeing to a deal with the Giants that is worth $500,000 less than the Bills offer. The reasons for him to go to the Giants is said to be security. He wasn't guaranteed a starting job with the Bills. Our Take: Ziegler showed he is no man, he agreed to a deal and proved he isn't a man of his word. He says he took less money with the Giants because he was concerned the Bills hadn't have him sign the deal yet. That's hogwash, the Bills are an organization that you can take their word. They were just trying to free up some room. If his going to the Giants were for job security, then he's in trouble. He will play Center there, and he has proven that he is a better Guard than Center. He will be missed for his versatility, and now it remains to be seen if the front office has so much egg on their face that they have renewed interest in signing Ruben Brown.
John Fina is close to agreeing on a contract extension that is reportedly a 5 year deal worth between $4.3 and $4.5 Million a year. It is suppose to be a cap friendly deal that will free up around $2 Million in cap space to sign free agents: Our Take: it is being proven in the free agent market that tackles especially left tackles are too valuable to let test the market. It is a very wise move to lock him up before he becomes a free agent next year and clear up space to sign some players.
Ruben Brown is still without a job. The Miami Dolphins no longer are interested in him and Cleveland and Detroit have fille their offensive line needs elsewhere. In other free agent news former Bills LB Dan Brandenberg signed with the Eagles. The Bills failed to tender an offer to him as a restricted free agent. Our Take:He has proven that Guards are not highly coveted at his pricetag and once his price goes down expect him to go quickly, although his options will be less. The Bills may be forced to get back in the chase for him but won't get him. As is becoming common practice this off season, Bills free agents seem to want more money to stay in Buffalo instead of elsewhere. Brandenberg is never going to be more than a special teams player.
Thurman Thomas has yet to agree on a deal with Miami. Rumors started flying last week that the Bills are trying to re-sign Thomas but it doesn't look like a reality. Miami has offered him a 2 year deal worth slightly more than the league minimum with incentives. He will not compete for the starting job in Miami if he goes there. If the Bills do try to bring him back, Thomas wants to come back under the terms of his original contract. That will not happen. Our Take: Thurman's leadership would be nice, and we don't want him in Miami, but the fact is that money is needed elsewhere with gaping holes in the Secondary, Linebacker, and the Offensive Line.
The Bills have made a front office move, officialy accepting the resignation of VP Bill Duffy. He has been replaced by Jim Overdorf. Our Take: Duffy was suppose to be a cap expert but the Bills never gave him a chance to get the cap under control, instead GM John Butler took it all upon himself, and now the Bills are reeling.

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