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Thomas Signs With Dolphins

This week has been very quiet with almost no news since Thurman Thomas signed his deal with Miami, here's our look at the quietest week of the off season:

The only real news this week was Thomas' signing with Miami. He signed a back loaded three year deal. Since a majority of the money is scheduled for the last year expect him to only play two years. Thomas seems bitter at how his Bills career ended but said he has nothing but fond memories of Buffalo. Our Take: When Thurman is motivated he performs well, look for him to be very motivated for two games next season.
The longer Ruben Brown goes without signing with another team the more hope rises that he can somehow end up staying with the Bills. The latest has the Kansas City Chiefs interested in the Guard. They are probably just using him as a pawn in negotiations with their own franchised star guard. Talks have stalled with Detroit, who needs to part with Robert Porcher in order to have the money to sign Brown. The Eagles and Browns also showed interest but are waiting for his price to drop more. Our Take: The longer he stays on the market the more optimism will rise about him staying in Buffalo. I don't think he is in the Bills plans either way, when the price gets low enough their will be a bidding war that the Bills won't participate in.
Since the Dusty Ziegler fiasco last week, the Bills have been working on a backup plan. They now need to actually delve into the free agent market for a low priced offensive linemen or safety. One name that has popped up is free agent tackle James Dexter from the Arizona Cardinals. Our Take: Look for the Bills to use the money they saved on Ziegler to bring in one or two cheap, young veteran free agents on the line and in the defensive backfield.

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