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Moran Leaves Bills

Not much going on still in the offices of Ralph Wilson Stadium. Although the past week saw the Bills lose one more player, here's our unique look at the week in review:

Sean Moran turned down a similar offer from the Bills, and a plea from the owner, to head to the world champions. Moran will still be a backup but may get more playing time with the Rams. Our Take: Moran will be missed for the depth he gave the defensive line and for his tenacious special teams play. The fact that he wouldn't stay in Buffalo with a smiliar offer is a bit disturbing but it probably was a good thing the Bills wouldn't shell out big money for a role player.
In other free agency news, Ruben Brown surprisingly remains on the market and with everyday he is still out there the chances increase slightly that he will remain with the Bills. His deal may be tied to a contract extension for John Fina since they share the same agent and Fina doesn't want to re-up with the Bills if Brown leaves. Our Take: The price may be getting right to make a bid to keep Brown. The offensive line may be in dire straits next year without him, and it will be worse a year later if Fina leaves after the season. With one negotiation they can lock up the left side of the line for a long time.
Fringe free agents are finding it rough going in the market. Gabe Northern hasn't received a whif from anybody including Buffalo. Alex Van Pelt worked out for Tampa Bay but left without a deal. Manny Martin and Marlo Perry are coming off of major injuries and can't even shop around because of it. Our Take: Re-sign Northern he will come dirt cheap and they have nobody else to play his position. I don't think Keith Newman is ready to step up yet. Wait and see about the injuries before keeping Perry and Martin as training camp approaches.
There is only one outside free agent that has had his name connected with the Bills. That is Tackle James Dexter of Arizona. Our Take: Try to hold on to Brown first, if not go after a young, cheap linemen like Dexter.
Jim Kelly let it slip in an interview with The Coach on WGR that he will be going up on the wall of fame this year.Our Take: It's about time! The club will need his induction for the big draw as fans may stay away with the mass exodus from Western New York.
Two of the Bills preseason games have been announced and they are road games in Detroit and St. Louis. The Lions game will be Aug. 12th and will be on ESPN with the Rams game the weekend later. The Bills will probably open the exhibition season at home the weekend of Aug. 5th and close it on the road the week after the Rams game. Our Take: It can't come soon enough!
In injury news Ken Irvin had his cast removed and should be ready for training camp but not mini-camp. Shawn Bryson however, is a go for the mini camp the week after the draft. Our Take: Irvin is vital now that Thomas Smith is gone, so he better be patient and come back healthy. Bryson is a talented player that we hope hasn't lost a step because of his torn ACL.

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