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Nothing Happening At One Bills Drive

For the second week in a row there is no real news happening out of Buffalo. Here's what little week in review items we have including our take:

The Biggest news of the week on the field is the speculation that Steve Christie's job may be on the line. Free agent kicker Dan Giancola was originally brought in as a possible kickoff specialist. He has since been told by special teams coach Ronnie Jones and head coach Wade Phillips that if he outperforms Christie in training camp and the exhibition games he can win the kicking job. Our Take: Christie has been a very reliable kicker in his eight years with the club, but his consistently has slipped over the last two years and he is a high priced kicker. We think in the end Christie will still be the kicker though.

It looks like RB Shawn Bryson isn't totally healed yet from his torn ACL last training camp. He is still experiencing swelling and the knee is bothering him a bit. People began to feel he was totally recovered because he showed all the moves and speed he displayed in training camp last year. Our Take: The swelling Bryson is experiencing is normal, he may not be fully recovered until after the season starts, this makes it more unlikely for him to jump up the depth chart.

Coach Phillips talked this week about the possibility of using both Pat Williams and Ted Washington together on the line as the second team dime tackles. Our Take: A combination of these two behemoths would be great against the run.

Doug Flutie received the Distinguished American Award this week from the Eastern Mass. Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Our Take: Nice honor for a very popular player.

Turning to ex-Bills news, Sam Gash is still shopping himself around and hopes to land somewhere within a week. The leading contenders are the Giants, Jets, and Colts. Our Take: Bills fans everywhere hope Gash goes to the Giants and doesn't stay in the division.

Bruce Smith said all the right things in an interview with Jim Rome. He differentiated between the Buffalo management and their fans, saying he wish he could've retired as a Bill and will always love the fans in Western New York. On his replacement, Smith says Marcellus Wiley is ready to take his place. He has also expressed to Wiley that he is only a phone call away if he needs his help. Our Take: Smith showed class that he hasn't always exhibited in his career.

Former Bill Ray Bentley went from being a TV analyst to a head football coach without any experience coaching anywhere. Bentley was named the new coach of the Buffalo Destroyers of the Arena Football League. Our Take: He will bring aggressiveness and discipline to the team but it won't help the worst team in the league.

Steve Freeman who dominated as a safety with the Bills is now using that experience to help him get back to the NFL as a back judge. He is one step closer to that goal, as he will get to referee four games in NFL Europe this year. If he performs well in Europe he may have a chance to get to the NFL if there is an opening. Our Take: Good luck to a great player during the lean years of the mid-80s.

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