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Dog Days Of Off Season Continues

With less than three weeks until the voluntary mini camp this week there was no big news again. This Week In Review will focus on some of the rumors around the internet and our take on them:

Rumors persisted this week that Ted Washington would be cut. Peter King in CNNSI echoed the national media line on the subject when he placed Washington on a list of high profile players who could be cut in salary cap moves on June 1st. Washington's agent Angelo Wright spoke out on the subject late in the week. Wright said that Washington will not be going anywhere on June 1st and will be a Bill this year. Washington received a $1 Million roster bonus in February which would make it a poor business move to let him go after that. The club is currently $900,000 under the cap which includes rookie minimums. Wright echoes GM John Butler's words on the eve of the draft, that the Bills will be able to sign all their rookies without making any other cuts. Our Take: Washington is a valuable cog in the middle and Wade Phillips loves him, he wouldn't let him be cut in February and he certainly won't let it happen in June.

On the former Bills front, Sam Gash is still looking for a team. The latest rumor has him possibly headed to Dallas to replace Daryl Johnston who is expected to retire on June 1st. Reportedly the Giants have cooled on Gash because of their cap situation and the hopeful return of Charles Way from injury. Other clubs in the Gash hunt are the Jets and Colts. Our Take: We spoke to a Cowboys expert who says the club probably will not sign Gash. The Jets have salary cap restraints also, so the best bet is the Colts for league minimum after June 1st.

Andre Reed's name hasn't come up in NFL circles much since he was cut. With the magical June 1st date looming soon, expect his name to come up more and more. Most recently the Reed to the Colts rumor has re-surfaced. Our Take: The Colts seem to be a perfect fit for Reed. He would make a perfect number 3 or 4 guy with a potential Super Bowl contender. GM Bill Polian loves Reed and can probably get him for league minimum.

On the administrative front, the club kicked off its select-a-seat week on Saturday for potential season ticket holders. Buyers will be able to go to the stadium and pick out their spots from a lot of 5,000 seats. This has been a popular feature in years past, and is back after a one year hiatus because of the renovation last off season. Our Take: this is a great opportunity to see and pick exactly where you want to sit if you are contemplating season tickets.

Another popular event is the annual caravan to promote the regionalization of the club. The team announced the dates for the event this week starting in Cheektowaga and heading east to Syracuse and south into Pennsylvania. Our Take: A good event by the marketing department to extend the team's reach. They need to be a very regional ballclub to survive in today's NFL.

The Sunday night schedule on ESPN will now start 10 minutes later at 8:30. Our Take: 10 more minutes to wait for the start of the season!

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