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Henry Jones Among Final Cuts

Webmaster Note: This will be the last week in review since the regular season is about to start. During the regular season we will be backing up our news archives each week. The Week in Review will return next off season.

Henry JonesThe Bills made a shocking move in cutting Henry Jones this week, he is one of 12 cuts as the Bills got their roster down to 53 players. The Bills stumble into the regular season on the heels of a 20-0 rout by the Steelers on Thursday. We take a closer look at all the news and give you our take on the issues:

The Bills cut 12 players on Sunday to get to the 53 man limit after cutting five players on Tuesday to get to 65. The shocking cut was Henry Jones. Tom Donahoe said Jones was let go because he didn't fit the 46 scheme. Other cuts included, Kwame Cavil, David Bowens, Curtis Alexander, Jon Carman, Brian Leigeb, Jarett Procell, Josh Whitman, Jimmy Williams, Junior Robinson, Chris Rosier, Reggie Allen, Jack Hawley, Rocky Henry, Josh Lind, Kendrick Office, and Josh Roth. Our Take: The cutting of Jones gives the perception that the Bills are on a full blown rebuilding project. They didn't gain anything on the cap by releasing him and go into the season without a proven strong safety to go along with the many other question marks. The only thing we can think of is more moves may come this coming week. The Cavil and Bowens cuts are a bit of a surprise but we rather see Avion Black on the roster than Cavil. Bowens couldn't get past others on the depth chart.

Other moves may come, Steve Christie has had an awful preseason and the Bills have worked out two other kickers, Jon Hilbert and Al Del Greco. Punter Brain Moorman is no sure thing to make the team either as the Bills will probably audition punters this week. A Safety coming over isn't out of the question with the release of Jones. Another offensive lineman is also possible as the Bills worked out former Steeler Justin Strzelczyk this week. Our Take: The cutting of Jones is so shocking other moves have to be on the horizon. What is anybody's guess. I don't think Del Greco is the right answer, he is just like Christie, an aging reliable kicker who struggled recently. Hilbert may be worth a shot, but our money is give Christie a chance afterall preseason is just preseason. Christie needs to stop blaming his problems on the new holder and snapper and figure out what he is doing wrong.

Lost in all the personnel moves was the fact that the Bills played a game this week losing to the Steelers 20-0. Rob Johnson struggled in his two series but Travis Henry did enough in his two series to win the starting tailback job. The defense showed again that they are way ahead of the offense playing very well after allowing two field goals on the Steelers first two possessions. The special teams struggled with poor punting, three missed field goals, and a punt return for a touchdown. Our Take: It is time to get concerned about the play of Johnson who doesn't seem to have the grasp of the new offense even though he pronounced himself ready to go. Ready or not though, the season is here. On the plus side the Bills got out without any serious injuries. For more on the loss to Pittsburgh check out our complete analysis.

Eric Moulds spoke out publicly, calling out Rob Johnson to release the ball quicker to avoid sacks. He has spoken to Johnson on numerous occasions about this and wants him to shed the label of a sack happy QB. Our Take: Moulds is showing he is a leader but we wonder if he is creating a wedge between himself and Johnson by going public.

The Saints returned tickets to the Bills leaving just over 1,000 tickets available for the opener. Our Take: What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!.

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